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The Last Guardian

I’m a huge fan of the Team Ico set of games.   Ico, Shadow of Colossus, and now The Last Guardian.  A video was revealed recently at the TGS giving us a little insight into the creation of the creature that will be accompanying the boy in the game.  I’m equal parts excited and concerned about this game as it approaches.  My main concern is that, judging by the emotional layout of the prior games, this can’t possibly end well.  I already imagine either the boy or the creature will end up dying by the end of the game.  From the interview though it seems like they are trying to surprise us though.  This is something that the games thus far have really done.  They really feel like an adventure or journey.  You start off with no background really.  You’re put into this mysterious world with just a basic guideline to go by and its up to you to explore and uncover the world as you go along.  I’m eager to see if they really will end up surprising me with the ending of this game, but man are the tears sure to flow with this one.

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