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Capcom Vs Everything

Everyone vs Capcom

Everyone vs Capcom

I just heard that Capcom is thinking of doing a new Vs but with who. They asked for fans to come up with combinations I will look at the pros and cons of some of the major and not so major team ups.

Vs Disney

PROS – Since Disney owns Marvel now it may be more of a reality that this would happen.

They also have the most unique lineup of characters.  From the more realistic types, Tron, and Pirates of the Caribbean, to their icon characters of Mickey Mouse and Donald and their movie characters Aladdin, Beast and the Incredibles.  I would like to see Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, Gummy Bears, Tale Spin and Gargoyles make the roster though.

CONS – Disney is kind of stickler when it comes to other companies using their properties Square Enix even had problems with them on the making of Kingdom Hearts to this day even with the money and fame its got.  They hold a tight legal contract on everything Disney property so they might be hard to work with.

Vs Nintendo

PROS-  It would be a great match of mascots on each end, Two of the biggest video game companies going head to head, nothing wrong with either one.  Nintendo is also fairly good with working with other video game companies on their games such as Team Ninja in the new Metroid, and Smash Brothers getting characters from other game companies.

CONS-   Nintendo already has their own great fighting game.  So it would seem to be almost like a waste of a VS game if the franchise didn’t reach out into other markets or companies and just have them bring the Capcom characters in (Ultra Smash Brothers) or whatever the next game will be called.  I feel this would be the best possible solution.

Vs Square-Enix

PROS-  Square Enix has some of the best video game franchise to date, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts and urrrh Bouncer.  Sound I think everyone would be stocked to see something like this in a team up.  Also Square seem pretty cool in pimping out their franchise so I couldn’t see too much of a problem in legal issues.

CONS- At first this sounds cool, but I feel like we would get just a list of characters that are too similar to really make it anything really special. There are so many generic character archetypes, that we might as well just have Thief, Fighter, Wizard,  Black Belt in the line up, Compare Yuffie and Rikku seriously their the same character type.  Yuna, Aeris tragic heroine , Cloud, Sephiroth and Squall emo, Tidus and Vaan whining bitches. Maybe they could add in some summons to mix it up a bit but I like variety in my games.  (I am nitpicking though because I still think it would be a great team up of all time.)

Vs Sega

PROS- Sega, they started to try and make a come back I think something like this could really help them out and maybe get them some recognition, they have been in the game business as long as Capcom and have the same amount mascots to use that are just unique and awesome and some that have long been dead could find new life.

CONS- The roster would probably be everyone in the sonic universe, but not mention Alex Kidd, Vector Man. Space Harrier, that dude in OutRun his special power could be flipping a car on you.  This actually would be cool, but I would want every character they can think of from the 80s and 90s era too, not just everyone one in the sonic universe or just in the recent year of games to make it seem relevant.  What’s great about the Vs games is it allows them to bring back retired mascots and maybe spark some new interests.

Vs Adult Swim

PROS-  Find a list of characters from TV that would fit in better than a fighting game.  Hell, Adult swim could make their own fighting game with these characters and people would buy it up.  You got some of the best characters too choose from Venture Brothers, Metalocalypse,  Frisky Dingo, Harvey Birdman, Aqua Teen, Robot Chicken, Sealab, Titan Maximus.

CONS-  I just hate to think of the legal battle to get the characters in, but hey Tatsunoko had some problems and that worked out.


PROS- They recently started to actually try and push new games lately and something like this fans could react too positively.  They had some problems in the fiscal year of annual returns so a game like this would help them in the long run of establishing themselves as not just the sports game company.

CONS-  They would just update the roster every year adding different costumes

Vs Image Comics

PROS- They have the comics to make a list of characters that could make 10 Vs games with Capcom and it would please every type of person. Capcom is known for working with comic books so this could be right up their ally and maybe even outshine even the Marvel Vs game.

CONS-  They don’t own the right to the characters it would be basically making deals with the creators, it would take longer than the making the game itself to go through all the legal details of each creators rights.


PROS- It would be as epic as Marvel, well maybe.

CONS- The Blood bath begins between those loyal to Marvel vs Capcom and those to the DC vs Capcom no one is safe to go on a game forum again.

Vs Vertigo-

PROS-  Everyone says DC comics, I rather see Vertigo their subsidiary. You could have John Constantine, Sandman, Preacher, Book of Magic Hunter, Mister E, at least if the do DC to think of these characters to be put in to it.  There is a lot of potential for the characters that could be brought in.

CONS- It’s own by DC so more than likely they would rather go for the DC comics than these comics, some are well know well others may fall the way side.

Vs Saturday Morning Cartoons

PROS- How awesome could it be if they could get character rights to a nearly every major 80’s 90s and 00s Saturday morning cartoon character, Transformers fighting Carebears.  Teddy Ruxpin beating on Smurfs, Rainbow Bright bitch slapping Strawberry Shortcake, Johnny Quest fighting GI Joe, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles killing TMNT.  God this would be just EPIC.

CONS- Man I don’t even want to think of the legal battles they would have to go through to put characters from nearly every major 80s 90s, and 00s Saturday cartoons.  To me this is a pipe dream that someone would have to sell their soul to get done.
Vs Fox

PROS-  You could beat on Family Guy and the Simpsons which ever one you despise more at this point.

CONS- Half way though making the game Fox would cancel out of the deal.  Feeling it’s taking too long to make.

Vs Todd Mcfarlane

PROS- Alright spawn was getting old, but he still has some of the most creative if not disturbing characters to choose from with his line of toy, he could work with American McGee.

CONS- You could never play this game in the dark for fear of wetting your pants.

Vs Star wars

PROS- You could beat on Jar Jar Binks all day long.  This could also rinse the your mouth of the last horrible Star Wars fighting game, Masters of Teras Kasi, god just saying the name makes me want to brush my teeth.

CONS- You would have Jar Jar Binks being a character in otherwise great game.

Vs Lucas Arts

PROS- I think this is better, you get your star wars characters, and all the original characters outside of star wars, Grim fandango, Sam and Max, Guybrush Threepwood, Maniac Mansion (Day of the Tentacle) and that new game they are making right now about dreams.

CONS- There is still a chance Jar Jar Binks could be in the game still.

Vs Valve and Blizzard

PROS- I think both of these together would be great, Blizzard would add the extra bit of fantasy and Sci Fi with Warcraft and Starcraft Diablo, while Valve added the horror and modern characters with Team Fortress, Portal, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, you can’t tell me they couldn’t find characters out of them, the cake would not be a lie.

CONS – Honestly if I could think of one I would mention it.

Vs Rare-

PRO- It may not be the glory of what it was but they do have the characters to back them up for a Vs game and really doesn’t that all that matters.

CONS- Microsoft would mess it up someway from happening so don’t get your hopes up.

Vs Microsoft-

PROS- They use both Rare, Bungie and any other game company they buy up in the mean time to get the characters.  Also Xbox live would be excellent on for multiplayer they can even make it downloadable to save the hassle of driving to the store.

CONS- Everyone would use Master Chief to tea bag you at the end of every battle

Vs PS3

PROS- The Sony without worrying about competition from other consoles would allow Capcom to fully utilize the PS3’s awesome ability and push the graphic to the point that would make your eyes bleed from loosing all your tears in enjoyment of the sweet succulent look of the eye candy that they gave you.

CONS- God of War, Drakes Fortune, Infamous, and Sack Boy aren’t enough to make up the roster that’s like what 4 characters to choose from, hardly memorable.

Vs Konami-

PROS-  The Arcade of this would make competition on a whole new level both companies are known for their Arcades and this would lead to the most epic showdown ever.

CONS- These competitions would force people to the breaking point of getting pwned since their can only be one true victor the rest would feel like they wasted their entire time practicing to play in the tournament.

Man I think I covered a lot of possible and not so possible Vs for Capcom

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  1. September 26, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    I think the Vs Konami would have our best chance at getting made and working out spectacularly. We know they don’t mind lending characters what with Snake being in SSBB

  2. Kahsha
    September 26, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    I could kick ass as Hong Kong Phooey or Grape Ape!!
    Don’t forget the 70’s!

  3. 5yphon
    October 8, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    I will add Capcom Vs America Presidents! As long as I can kick ass with George Washington. The last boss would be Abraham Lincoln merged with Dr Wily’s tech and he would end us. Epic!

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