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Hardcore a Gaming Definition

One thing that has popped up in this generation of video games are the terms casual and hardcore.  Unfortunately for us no one ever clearly defined what the hell any of that meant to the gaming culture,  Now we have people bad mouthing one another saying they are more hardcore than the other person



  1. Intensely loyal; die-hard: a hard-core secessionist; a hard-core golfer.
  2. Stubbornly resistant to improvement or change: hard-core poverty.
  3. Extremely graphic or explicit: hard-core pornography.

You can see that a word with 3 different meanings could lead to a lot of confusion.

I will be going over the types of of gamers who use this term and what it means to them.

The One Genre Gamer

These gamers only play one genre be it First Person Shooter, Fighters, Real Time Strategy, Role Playing, or Sports.  Every other genre can just suck it to these people, if you play anything outside of their opinionated type of genre than you are just not hardcore, and are potentially a fag for having different opinions.

Retro Gamer aka (The Grandpa Gamer)

If you are not form whatever generation they come from, 70s 80s 90s you just do not understand gaming.  The perceive their generation is the Golden Age of gaming, and think that the games this generation are just too easy or pretty much all bad.  Only back in their day were all games the best of the best and there wasn’t a single bad game in the mix.

Also the Politicians never lied back in their day and everything was cheaper, (except video games surprisingly).

The Sadist Player

These people take hardcore by the first word alone, meaning if the game doesn’t kill you within the first five minutes its not good.   To them if  you can’t beat it on the hardest difficulty than you are just a little baby who just can’t handle playing games and should quit.  They also need to collect everything in the game and find every little secret to feel like you completed it.

They spend more time on one single player game than MMORPG players spend playing for one year.  At least they are getting their money’s worth.

The Ranker

Scoring and getting the most kills is what this person is all about if you can’t brag about it you shouldn’t even talk like you’re a gamer.  Found in leader boards talking shit up the best way to shut the them up is to shut them down and just wreck their score, if you focus all your time on that one person they will surely die and lose their ranking.

Tournament Gamer

Just the next step up from the Ranker just they do it more in the professional setting.  They’re all about showing their mad skills in front of people, just so they can claim to be number 1 and earn a t-shirt doing it.

Graphic Whore

If the graphics look remotely like they have any type of characteristic then they just suck.  Games mean one thing in their mind it just has to look good.  They will buy the latest good looking game.  These people tend to be shallow and are the most prominent of the batch gamers.  We all usual go through this phase in adolescents of gaming, but like puberty some people just never grow out of it.

Hematolagnia Gamer (aka Blood Fetish Gamer) It’s a real word google it.

This person only think it is hardcore if the game has massive amounts of killing and blood in it.  Their idea of mature borders criminally psychotic content where if it doesn’t get a M or AO Rating it isn’t worth a damn to play.  Like vampires they need to feed on digital sprites of blood to keep their their idle hands busy.

Big Boy Gamer

Mature means explicit content to them, but unlike the Hematolagnia, blood isn’t the only thing, sex and swear words need to be in it.  Nothing says I am an adult like playing a video game with questionable content.  To them it is the equivalent of looking up naughty words to tell their friends on the playground.

I Play Video Games Gamer.

They actual talk more about playing video games than actually playing video games.  Found in the gaming forums you can spot these people on how many posts they make and how fast they reply to a response usually within 3 minutes.   They say their hardcore but they only play a half an hour of games for every 4 hours their on the internet saying “how much they play games”.  They are the biggest posers of all, which is means they have the saddest life since they a basically idolizing gaming, when it’s more fun to actually play them.

Although it is awesome now that a geek group actual has people trying pose like them.

The Consumer Whore Gamer

It’s sad when we have two types of whores on a list and neither one about getting sex.   These people are pretty much see an advertisement and get that game, it doesn’t matter what the game is about it’s just the newest game and they need it.

Easily swayed from one game to the next, who ever pumps the most money in marketing wins to them.  They tend to miss out in a lot of great games but since they have the newest gamer they think they are getting the best game.

Corporate Gamer aka ( Fan Boy or Girl)

Possibility the worst of the worst, they are more about corporate mascots than actually playing games.  The game could down right suck but if is an exclusive to their console of choice they consider it a win and won’t stop talking about it.  Much like the consumer whore they eat up most of the marketing done on a game.  They will brag to no end on how much their consoles game made and is number one even though they have no facts to back it up.

Well that’s the list of definitions of Hardcore means to these gamers, best advice stop using the word since it’s just an overused under defined term that douchey game journalist use.  Also let me ask you one thing has anyone of your friends called themselves Hardcore Gamers in real life probably not if they had everyone would just beat them up for being such an asshole.

  1. foursugarsand20cupsofcoffee
    September 30, 2009 at 2:04 pm

    wow..good blog! Very interesting read, feel free to take a peek at mine. I was trying to think of ways to write a blog about gaming, but had no idea to go about doing so, since all of my gaming only consisted “The One Genre Gamer” First person shooter..perhaps I shall try a few games and blog about them. Very good blog!!! Keep more coming!

  2. 5yphon
    January 14, 2010 at 2:20 am

    I feel as though I am a sadist gamer… I must now be flogged.

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