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Big N is Being a Big Brick

Big N Strikes again

(Let me state I have a Wii and Love it but I am tired of defending the system when they have many holes they need to address.)

So the new Nintendo 4.2 updated for Wii launched the other day but doesn’t really doing much except address the hacking community.

I guess it bricks the Wii’s that have the homebrew and everything with it, making some peoples Wii’s completely useless, maybe that’s their plan to force everyone to go buy a new one to bolster their sales as they fear they hit market saturation.  I see what you are doing Nintendo.

Personally I don’t think the hacking community should bothered by Nintendo for a number of reasons.

First of all, it obviously hasn’t hurt their sales in the least bit. Have you seen these stats their first 4 games blew away HALO 3 sales by over 15 million which is the top selling game on 360. Hell their top 9 beat out PS3’s top selling game.   (I am not saying their better just that Nintendo has money)

(Source) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_best-selling_video_games

I feel they could spend more of their time on more games to be released earlier or work on better quality control over their third party games.  Let’s face it there are a number of Wii games out there that just should not even exist let alone get any shelf space.

Their market has expanded beyond the normal gaming community anyone who buys a Wii, isn’t hacking it, hell they pry don’t even know how to or even know that they could.  The hacking community is relatively small.

Than whenever Nintendo tries to release an update to try and stop any hacking in less than month usually the first week it’s fixed.  4.2 update already has a hacked version for people to download this was what 2 days after they released it.  So whatever they are trying to do is basically a waste of time on their part.

Why not just release some awesome update once a year for the actual people who buy and support your system, and not bother with the 5% market share that doesn’t.  Make the updates worth a damn and not these lame attempt to block something.  The only good update you ever had was the storage problem which was fixed by hackers 6 months before Nintendo and done better.

Now lets get to the real issue Nintendo is trying to protect their property.  This is alright and all, as they have every right to try and get as much money as they can for their properties but there is more to hacking community besides their games being downloaded illegally.   People make unique programs and homebrew games that you never thought could exist on the wii.

A list of thing people have done with homebrew on the wii to make the little system even better.

Homebrew games that individuals make.  Have you played Mario War or Portal Wii 2d, Not all the games a great but so aren’t the wii’s legit line up.  Maybe do what Apple has done with their Iphone and allow various parties make apps and games for that, selling from free to up to 5 dollars.  You have the delivery system it’s Wiiware

Free Internet radio with over 1000’s of channels to automatically choose from, from talk, music, npr, news, and everything in-between.  Nintendo should have made this a channel already, it’s just awesome.

WiiEarth, a type of google earth.

DVD player (why Nintendo never did this from the start themselves gets me)

A game engine for people to design their own Wii games.  Sort of like Microsoft’s Developer kit.

They even have external hard drive access for all these programs way before the 4.0 updates expanded sd card slot solution. That uses a any external hard drive.

Let’s also not forget The Wii Head Tracking, HEADTRACKING this should have been in Metroid, The Conduit, and any other shooter game you make now.  A whole game should have been designed around it

This was out for a few years now, there is no excuse, for that

Same guy made a white board out of the wii remote, teachers have been using this for school for cheap white boards in class.

This guy used his wii to hook up to his smart house, if this isn’t cool I don’t know what is.

And lastly people like to play imported games that are released much ealiear or aren’t released at all.  Nintendo should just follow PS3 and allow it to play any region of games.

They also pick up the ball that Nintendo has dropped, Reggie has announced that Fatal Frame 4 will not be released in America, so guess what; some people took it upon themselves to translate the entire game, their 90% complete.  Unacceptable Big N, you have Cursed Mountain, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, The Grudge, and the Calling, coming out but not Fatal Frame which I was excited for.

This is just some of the programs they have, that Nintendo should look into.

Anyone of these ideas Nintendo could address and make them legit.

How hard is it for you to make internet radio, a dvd player or a game development kit.  Any of these would just make your system even more awesome.   I believe most of this should be addressed in their next Wii HD console, and don’t give us any crap like you don’t have time.

We all saw this

This is just the saddest thing I ever saw

This is just the saddest thing I ever saw

Beatiful like we didn't have enough problems with broken TVs with the remote before.  Lets throw balls at the screen.

Beatiful like we didn't have enough problems with broken TVs with the remote before. Lets throw balls at the screen.

I will leave on a positive note they are releasing, Super Mario Wii a month earlier than scheduled so kudos.

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  1. October 1, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    There are rumors that Nintendo is working on a next gen system as well. So that can be a plus if it’s true. I do, however, agree that fighting against mods/homebrew is always a very bad strategy.

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