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Ok SyFy.  You were dwindling for a long while so you changed your name, did up your hair, and are trying to go for broke.  You need your man and his big strong arms to hold you when those nights get oh so lonely…*ahem* Anyway.  Sci-fi channel is currently still undergoing heavy renovation to upgrade it’s presentation and content in order to bring in more people to their network.  At first I was concerned because the channel had been going really downhill with the same marathons of shows throughout the week and then a sci-fi original movie marathon on the weekends.  Sure they have a number of original series which are really fantastic, and I for one get a big kick out of the sci-fi original movies, but it just wasn’t enough.

So the channel has been SyFy for a little while now and I have to say that I’m still not seeing many changes past the name/logo.  We still have marathons through the week.  The marathons are a bit more varied though.  There’s a Twilight Zone marathon on right now (thank god).  I guess my question though is why not bring it back to how it used to be.  I’d like to see them return to the old system of showing a number of different sci-fi and fantasy shows at different times through the day like most networks.  Something like 9:30am – Twilight Zone 10:00 am Farscape and the like.  Right now you stick too much to one show and that means on average you’ll probably have a fan not watch the network on at least 2 of those days.  People are more likely to sit and watch a show they’ve never seen before if it’s one episode alone.  I will say that if you’re going to do marathons though you should mix it up a bit.  We tend to see the same 10 shows marathoned over and over again.  There are so many sci-fi shows to choose from and I don’t see it being a licensing issue because the network has shown a ton of shows over its life span.  I may be wrong on that and there may be more to it so I can’t criticize them too much for this.

On another note in regards to variation, where is my variety?  There is a lot of content that is just flat out missing from the network entirely.  What happened to the days when Sci-Fi channel showed sci-fi movies that didn’t come out past 1998 and weren’t Sci-fi Original movies?  Sure we see classics occasionally like The Thing or the Abyss, but they end up being a big event that’s hyped up for a week.  There is a vast cornucopia of sci-fi and fantasy movies out there to choose from.  They’ve all been on the network and we need to see that more.

We’re also noticing a sever lack of animated shows.  Sci-fi used to have a cartoon block where they aired sci-fi cartoons like Starship Troopers or other series.  Sure there aren’t really any real cartoons these days that aren’t anime, but there have been so many over time and people would gladly like to see a lot of them I feel even if it’s only a short block on the weekends.  Saturday morning cartoons are nearly dying out so now’s a perfect time to respark interest.

One final addition that would be a nice little plus to the network is some type of live review or news show.  There is so much going on in the world of science-fiction, technology, and books (just look at io9) that the hardest issue would be compressing the content into a little half hour or hour long block.

There are so many different types of fans of sci-fi and with a channel like that you have just so much to work with that it seems a shame to limit the network so much.

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  1. jettwinlock
    October 2, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    I agree, nothing has changed on Syfy. I am still perplexed as why lame cheap monster movies are still being made never thought their was a market for bad movies like these, if they pooled all their money they spend on all the movies they make on these on one awesome mini series or movie they pry get some cred back.

    Also I want Firefly back.

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