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…..And I’ll Form the Fan (Titan Maximum Review)


Although this series started out last week I feel it’s hard to tell how good a show is from the first episode alone, so I waited to see where they take it with the second episode.  I had a feeling this show was going to be good, I was a fan of the Voltron series as a kid so this was right up my alley.  I was worried though it was going to be one long run on Robot Chicken sketch though, but it wasn’t.  (Well it is, but it feels natural and not one joke repeated).

The first episode set up the scenario, but didn’t really dive into the characters too much or more precisely what The creator said early “why it is bad to have a bunch of kids in charge of a giant robot’ (I’m paraphrasing).  The second episode showed why they were bad to have.  The one character they did do some focusing on that I love was Gibbs, the once hero of Titan Maximum turned villain. Voiced by Seth Green this villain is now one my top all time villains to worship.  He’s humorous and diabolically evil, it would be like if Cobra Commander started ripping on Duke, saying how incompetent he is than giving him the finger while he grabbed his crotch.

The second episode last night focuses more on why Titan Maximum was decommissioned in the first place.  It was shorter than the first episode, back to the 10 minute episode like Robot Chicken, but this show was still had a  lot of laughs.

Two things I loved about this series are, it doesn’t feel like it will be a every episode they will fight a monster like they do in the show they parody.  Instead it follows a story; if Titan Maximum is damaged they go into that they need to fix.  It’s not fixed right away, not just this but how much it costs for repairs.  It seems to go into detail what it takes to run a giant mech, and all the things that could go wrong.

Second thing the side characters seem to have a big comical part in it as well.  The army force, that seems to do more than just emphasis that they die, have a comical side to them.  What if Red shirts on Star Trek had a sense of humor?

Overall if you haven’t seen this show yet check it out on adultswim.com if you have seen it check it out anyway, it’s that good.  If you didn’t like it, than I guess I will just form the foot… up your ass.

Lt Gibbs

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