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Creatively Created Creation Games.

There seems to be a lot of new games coming out that inspire to make you think creatively to solve a problem.  Let’s look at some of them the old ones, ones that came out recently and new ones that will be.

Little Big Planet

Pry the granddaddy of them all, this sucker allows you to build levels creative objectives and just be a super creative level editor.  Add in the online download feature to share with everyone and it’s just beyond worth the amount of money you spend on it.  I lost count on how many levels were creative after they hit a million, you don’t even have to make your own levels you can just play other peoples and never get board.  (Just don’t make a level based on other franchises that Sony doesn’t have stakes with or it will be deleted.)


Starwars Imperial Walker


Spore, (Spore Hero)

It took god 6 days for god to create all the creatures on earth and Will Wright took 18 days, so he’s not god, yet.  Will Wrights and EA’s latest game is really just an excuse to design the best looking monster you can.  Although the game itself got mixed reviews after launch, one thing for certain was it’s creature creation designer being all that.  There database of creatures in the library is beyond the amount even on earth.  Now with Spore Hero’s you can really explore and play with  the monsters and beasts you make.


Just coming out on NDS this brilliant game forces players to think of words to use to try and beat a stage, usually more ways than one.  I am always on hand with the online dictionary and thesaurus, since some words may just be on the tip of your tongue.  All I know is if I spell out nuke its game over.

Drawn to Life

This game originally on the NDS now coming to the Wii, allows you to draw your character and draw objects to help you along your way.  Pretty damn cool concept if you ask me.  It was popular enough they made a Spongebob Squarepants version as well.  (I have this version).

Crayon Physics vs Marker World

This game was on everyone’s wish list after the short demo appeared at video game developer’s conference.  It just blew our collective minds, now the full version is out and it is even better.  Oh and guess what bitches I have a drawing pad to play it on, the only way to really play this game. You can be pissed at me all you want.

Although it’s fair to mention their was a free game called Marker World that came out before Crayon Physics that had a lot of the same features and some similar levels but you could move the ball with the arrow keys.

Crayon Physics

Marker World

Max and the Magic Marker

This Wiiware game coming out is a lot like crayon physics and classic platforming all rolled in one.  Its slogan Run, Jump, Think, Draw just says it all.  There are only a few Wiiware games that outshine from the others and this one is shaping up to be one of them.

Banjo and Kazooie Nuts and Bolts.

This game unfortunately never had the same spark as the other Banjo games with the original Rare being disbanded and some other developers taking over.  This idea of building your own vehicles to get around is a great, since they make it possible to design with a lot of parts it’s just failed in almost every other respect that made the first 2 games so great.

Shadow Physics and Tower of the Shadow.

Two games that are aren’t actually the same game which I originally thought.  Both deal with making the object’s shadows part of the physics of the game Hence the ones name.  I always think of Bram Stokers Dracula movie in the 90s with his shadow scene when I see this game, who am I kidding I think of the Simpson’s spoof of it with Mr. Burns, no, I’m lying again its Mel Brooks Dracula Dead and Loving it.

Shadow Physics is still in development but I feel has great promise, while the other one is due out next year on the Wii.

Shadow Physics

Tower of the Shadow

The Incredible Machines Series

Here’s an old series that may bring up old memories.   This game was great on the pc making Rube Goldberg machines to solve some of the simplest tasks.  Given specific parts to achieve a goal you had to really think hard at this game, you can find this one in old dos sites now, possibly forgotten by younger gamers.  I feel now is the time to bring this series back, with all the new creativity games coming out.

Just imagine if you can make a 3d Rube Goldberg machine with out all the mess of it actually setting it up or it not working because of reality.

Fantastic Contraptions

This free online game is very simple to understand but can be quite difficult to master.  You only get five different parts and with these parts you need to make a certain object go into a certain section.

If you are smart enough you can make some of the most crazy ass machines known to man to get that damn object where it needs to be.  The only wrong answer is not participating or trying as the failures are just as fun to watch.

Did I mention they have a demo with 20 levels believe me you will need youtube to finish some of these.  The best part is the full version is only 10 dollars and you have access to a crap load of user created levels.

I could show you videos of these all day but it’s best if you just play the game.

  1. October 9, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    I’ve played/own the majority of these and I have to say that these games really bring back the fun to gaming. Here we see a better focus on creativity and enjoying the game over in depth story and the like. Which can always be a nice change of pace. I’m really excited for Little Big Planet 2 because the only place they can go next is making it fully 3D.

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