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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Video Game, Carnage Character Vignette | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com


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I’m torn here. I’m really excited at the prospect that they will add more and more characters as DLC for the game, but I hope that they plan to add more missions/levels and such to play them in. Now let’s talk about Carnage. This seems like a really random choice what with him being dead and all, but I can see where most people might have missed that since it happened so quickly. I’m sad that they are using generic sound files for him. That scream in the beginning has been in the public domain audio bank since 1932. If you hear a monster or dragon or bird screaming in anything it’s this sound file. Also, Since when was Carnage obsessed with eating people? That’s generally been Venom’s domain. Or at least Mac Gargan Venom who is IN THE GAME ALREADY. Carnage was always focused on killing as many people as possible in as many creative ways as he could. Kudos for him making blades and other such weapons, but bad form on the GIANT HEAD EATING PEOPLE.

On the note of extra characters. How about you give me my Juggernaut seeing as I have the game, and the receipt, and the code. It’s not my fault that people figured out that you can use any Gamestop receipt ID # to get Juggernaut for free regardless of actually having the game. I don’t see why I can’t get it because the “Alloted limit” was filled. It’s freaking data, make me the Juggernaut Bi*ch.

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  1. Mage3
    May 5, 2012 at 8:50 am

    Hey. I have a problem. I downloaded the content but its not registering with the game. The game continues to try and say DLC purchase required, and I’m gettin fed up. Any suggestions?

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