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Harry Potter and the NRA Club

I read all the books, felt they were all right fantasy novels, but I had a crap load of questions about these books in the end. I have too many to ask in a single post so I will hit these one at a time on different posts.

Guns- Like why didn’t anyone ever use these in the book, would have come in handy if you are planning a damn war.

Harry lived in the muggle world, pretty much all his life so why didn’t he bring guns from that world to the wizard world. I understand most wizards know very little of the muggle world so they wouldn’t think they have good weapons, others would be too proud to touch them. Harry though lived in the normal world long enough to realize guns are great to dispatch your advisories, he could have even made one that held his wand so he could shoot rounds and use magic.

Now maybe the first year Harry wouldn’t have gotten a gun, but after all that happens in his first year there I would have brought a semi automatic the next time I go back. If you are the target for one of worst terrorist in the wizard world wouldn’t you want some more protection. Not to mention it seems everyone hates you and wants you dead, for really no good reason.

A gun could have killed hundreds of death eaters before one could have uttered the first syllable of a kill spell. Which is easier to you, think of a spell, aiming with the wand, than pronouncing the spell correctly; or aiming with a cross heirs and pulling a trigger. Hell you could still have time to think up a cool catch phrase when you do this.

Think of all the people Harry could have saved if he brought guns with him. If you think Potter couldn’t get a gun since he was underage he wouldn’t need to obtain them legally. He’s clearly someone that likes to break the rules all the time. With his invisibility clock he could just walk right in a gun store use some lock breaking spell and take as much as he wants.

Alright Screw Potter he’s obviously an idiot, what about Hermione she lives with two parents apparently in the real world she wouldn’t think that a gun would come in handy she’s supposed to be the smart one.

Voldermort he lived in the normal world for awhile surely he could have thought of bringing a goddamn gun, he’s so evil he would have broken protocol, right. His only defense is he got part of Potter’s stupidity when they had a transfer of power.

Even if there were strong spells that could deflect bullets, only the strongest of the wizards would have them. Not every wizard, warlock or witch could do this, and not even the damn werewolves and other creatures they fight on a daily basis even have magic. Guns would have come in handy to just decimate an entire army, kill those damn spiders in the woods; the stupid snake in the Chamber of Secretes would have been dead in one paragraph.


[The basilisk raised his head to lunge at Potter, its mouth stretched out wide with his two venomous fangs coming toward him. Potter stood his ground lifted his automatic machine gun and sprayed a few rounds at its head. Tiny holes riddled the basilisk, as the armor piercing bullets cut through the scaly skin. The basilisk coiled back in pain, more bullets came at him. The metal rained on his body like an injection of hot lead. The basilisk fell not moving; Potter fired a few more rounds, shooting out its eyes and making sure to hit brain matter.

Potter turned to Tom Riddle and aimed toward his journal.
“This book is long overdue, time to pay the library fee.” Potter said, than fired a few rounds.
Tom screamed, than faded away.
Potter popped a cigarette in his mouth.
“Incendio” he spoke as he lights the cigarette with the fire from the wand.]

Boom, how easy is that, even had time to say a catch phrase. I just crunched down an entire chapter into a paragraph and a half. Just think what I could do for 7 books.

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  1. October 22, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Wizarding-wanna-be muggles everywhere are crying in their sleep. Well done.

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