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Brutal Legend: First Impressions

I’ve been playing Brutal Legend for a bit now and I have to say it’s really living up to my expectations. I was worried that the humor/excitement would taper off after having it be repeated through a whole game. The more I play though, the more excited I am to see more. I actually find myself wanting to skip most of the side missions just to see more of the story as quick as possible. The soundtrack is phenomenal if you like any kind of metal. It branches across classic, thrash, heavy and the like. I’m a bit sad to not see too much death metal and whatnot in it, but I can see how that might not fit. They really tried to stay a bit more localized to the roots. The visuals in the game are fantastic and inventive with spikes, amps, bones, and monsters littering the countryside. Every section of the world seems to be dedicated to a theme from Metal and it’s done to perfection.

I haven’t sampled the multiplayer yet, which is funny considering the game started out as a purely multiplayer game in concept. I just love the story too much to take time away from it.

The only drawback that I’ve found is that the game’s combat controls prove frustrating sometimes. I have an ability to power slide, for example. In order to do said move I must be running and then hit the X button. This simply does not work. Anytime I hit the X button I do a different move. I am assuming there’s a way to replace moves, but I haven’t been informed of this in-game yet. Another issue in combat is that mobs attack you from all sides at once. If you’re just blocking then it’s fine because you will block all attacks, but then you can’t move. If you lock onto a target and block you will be able to dodge roll, but the enemies behind you can hit you. If I’m attacking one target then there are usually one or two enemies at my backside attacking me. I haven’t quite figured out a way around this yet. You can shockwave knock them all back, but that only temporarily relieves the issue. Psychonauts, also from Double Fine and Tim Schafer, had a similar issue where combat controls became increasingly difficult in regards to avoiding enemy attacks.

I’m definately gonna be plugging away into this game though and highly recommend it.

Extra Note: One of the most creative and awesome title screen intros ever.

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  1. jettwinlock
    October 13, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    I figured this game was going to be a cheap game that just threw in rock legends and where they spent more money on voice talent than programming talent should have had more faith in the guy who brough psychonauts.

  2. 5yphon
    October 15, 2009 at 12:50 am

    Druid Plow! FTW!!!

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