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The Dresden Files: A Wizard’s Guide To Kicking Ass

If you’re one of the many people who haven’t heard of The Dresden Files, then this posting is for you!

This is by FAR, the most entertaining book series I’ve read in all my years of perusing fiction.  Expecially fantasy fiction.  The main character’s name is Harry Dresden.  Who is unbelievably relatable (if you’re a geek like me anyway).  I would say the easiest comparison would be to Peter Parker.  If you see yourself as Peter, then you’ll empathize with Harry.

Harry’s main job is in wizarding.  His ad is in the Chicago phone book.  Really.  He’s the only one of the “supernatural” community who doesn’t give a damn about keeping us normals in the dark.  He would say, “There are plenty of things that give people the heebie-jeebies that everyone should know about.  No matter how scary they are.”  And he’s scared.  All the friggin’ time.

His partner in crime is Bob the Skull.  An elemental air spirit that basically has a photographic memory that lives in a human skull in his basement lab.  His job is to remember and recite anything that Harry asks of him.  All Bob wants in return is some romance novels.  Or porn.  The dirtier the better.  What a job!

Through out most of the novels, Harry embarks on fighting all manners of otherworldly beasties.  Faeries, demons, vampires, werewolves (all four flavors), archangels, evil spirits, his fairy godmother (yeah, you read that right), and the occasional warlock.

I guess what drives my passion for this series is that, unlike most wizards, Harry doesn’t depend on magic.  He only uses magic if he has to.  For the most part, he uses his deductive reasoning skills, a .357 Magnum, and an incredibly inventive mind.  You try laying the smack down on an invulnerable werewolf with a Snoopy plush, and actually pull it off.

Sci-Fi, I mean, SyFy (stupid) made a TV series adaptation of the series a couple years back.  My honest suggestion?  Avoid it like the plague.  It does the books no justice, and it’s based on the first book alone.

Avoid this.  If you touch it, your penis will fall off.  Or your uterus.  Whichever one you have.  Dont believe me?  Try it.

Avoid this. If you touch it, your penis will fall off. Or your uterus. Whichever one you have. Don't believe me? Try it.

I know you can find the entire series at your local Waldenbooks or Books-a-Million, or wherever you get your fiction.  But don’t pass this up.  Jim Butcher, the author, is a thorough and through role-player and comic book geek.  You will not be disappointed.


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