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MMO Monitor: The Secret World

The Secret World is an MMO that’s being developed somewhat under the radar by funcom.  I first heard about this MMO almost a year ago when an ARG campaign started and spread around the internet.  Artwork and images were leaked about something and every image had a puzzle to solve hidden in the image itself.  This would navigate people to websites/e-mails/and the like.  Eventually an official forum was found where we could discuss what we’d like to see in the game since it was still in the early stages.  The team behind the game was seeking feedback from everyone so that’s generally a good sign from a developer.

The game will take place in a modern day time and revolve around monsters, conspiracies, paranormal, and other strange elements that are occurring in the world right around us.  I’m assuming that something will happen where supernatural events/beings become more rampant and just can’t stay hidden anymore.  There will be three factions to choose from where each represents a different path of knowledge.  The Dragon are chaotic and seek destruction, the Illuminati seek control and conquest, and the Templar seek justice and fighting evil.

Some of the more interesting aspects unique to this mmo include the urban landscapes that will take place all across the globe.  There will be no classes or levels and the game will instead rely upon skill based allocation to fully customize your character.  You will be able to use a number of weapons from firarms, to magic swords, to martial arts, to kinds of magic like black magic and voodoo.  The game itself seems very creative and I am looking forward to hearing more.

You can check out some more at the official site Dark Days Are Coming, and take an initiation test to determine what faction suits you best.

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