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New Anime Season Recap Part 1

Well all the series for this season have pretty aired an episode or two so far.  I’ve had a chance to watch basically all of them and I will do a quick rundown to give everyone a heads up as to what might be worth checking out this season.  Now every anime season has a theme that traverses across most of the shows.  It seems this seasons is Lesbianism, so be prepared.

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Here we have the spinoff to A Certain Magical Index that has been hyped up for a while.  The series takes place in a city that is made up mainly of a number of different special schools and academies.  One such school focuses on people with special psychic powers or abilities.  This time the series focuses on side character Mikoto Misaka and those associated with her.  She has the power to conduct and manipulate electromagnetic fields, and with this power she actually becomes a living railgun.  This is an awesome power to see in motion as she uses small objects, like coins, and turns them into incredibly dangerous projectiles.  Now I didn’t really get into A Certain Magical Index, but I find I enjoy this series a lot more actually so I would recommend it even if you didn’t watch the show it spun off from. 

What Makes It Stand Out:  The big draw I found to the series is that the focus on the everyday lives of people with powers.  There are a ton of series out there about people with special powers or gifts, but rarely do you get to see them when they aren’t fighting bad guys or participating in massive battles.  The only downside is that a lot of what they do in their pasttime is filled with hijinks of various sorts.

Warnings: The series does have a number of mildly perverse/ecchi elements that oftern are the result of one girl’s overzealous attempts and woo-ing her roomate.


Nyan Koi

Here we have an interesting comedy about a boy who, after accidentally destroying a cat god’s statue, is granted the power to talk to cats and forced to grant them 100 wishes or else he will be cursed to turn into one.  This might not be too rough on him, but you add in the fact that he’s incredibly allergic to cats and his hell becomes all the more clear.  He can’t let anyone know about his curse or else they too will befall the same.  The comedy elements of the series also tie in with the fact that he’s trying to juggle his encounters with a number of girls while desperately trying to confess to the girl he loves. 

What Makes It Stand Out: Even though there are a number of girls surrounding the main character, it doesn’t really feel like a harem anime/comedy.  This is a nice change of pace from the standard formula which hopefully doesn’t change as the series progresses.  The humor of his interactions with the cats and how he’s able to help them add a little interest to the series and I wish they would actually focus on that element a bit more.  The art in the series is very well done for a comedy and doesn’t suffer the usual pratfalls of cutting the art budget in favor of spastic animation and flat characters.

Warnings: Elements of catastrophies.



Kampfer is an action-comedy focusing around a group of girls who are forced to transform and gain access to special abilities to fight one another to the death.  These abilities revolve around Guns, Blades, and Magic.  Now only women have these powers, so when a guy assigned to be a Kampfer against his will he changes into a girl when using his powers.  The humorous elements come into play when the girl that he’s in love with falls in love with his girl side.  It seems she plays for the other team and he just never noticed.  You’re not going to find anything meaningfull in this series.  It’s just a fun action-comedy that you’re gonna enjoy for the perverse humor with a little action thrown in.

Why It Stands Out: The voice cast in this series is phenomenal and includes the likes of Nana Mizuki, Yui Horie, Yukari Tamura, and Megumi Nakajima.  There’s really not much else in this series to make it stand out as something to really seek out.  If you’re not watching a lot give it a shot.  You’ll like it or hate it. 

Warnings: Perverse Humor galore in this series.  Nothing really visual so far.  Mostly jokes in the dialogue and suggestions.


Seitokai No Ichizon:

This is an almost standard comedy series and plays out like one.  It’s the story of a student council group and their hijinks filled meetings.  The main character is a boy who worked incredibly hard to become one of the smartest people in school so he could be on the student council which is made up of four girls that were voted in by popularity.  Here he proceeds to work dilligently on managing his self assigned “harem” as the girls continue to harass him back.  The series is constantly self-aware and parodies a great number of anime as well as pointing out anime trends in the series itself.  The Fourth Wall breaking is humorous and still downplayed enough that it doesn’t take away from the characters interactions.  Because this series takes place entirely in one room, we see the importance of humor told through dialogue and interactions.  It is here that the series really shines by providing humor through full episodes without being able to change settings.  This requires a lot more skill in writing I find because it limits you a lot more.

What Makes It Stand Out:  It’s a unique comedy in the regards that it’s entirely set in just that one room.  The anime cliches are clearly present, but they are lampshaded constantly.  I mean that, though the cliches are present, the series pokes fun at them and the hole in them constantly allowing you to laugh at it.

Warnings: Some mild ecchi elements, and some may find the premise of the story being confined to one room with no real plot a turn off.


Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra:

Here we have a serious action series set in a fantasy world where the dead turn into stone books that chronicle their life.  We also find a grand library that stores all of these books and protects them for a purpose that is unknown as of yet.  The story focuses around a group of Librarians with very unique special powers that battle against a terrorist organization whose motives are a bit unclear at the moment.  Though they currently dabble in turning people into living bombs.  The powers that all the librarians have are really interesting and include magic bladed disc manipulation, creating energy barriers, and basically a guy who can make his skin like steel and gain super strength ala Colossus from the X-Men.  The villains are unique as well with one character semi-transparent at all times with a giant fishbowl on his head.  Not much is revealed in the first episode and if anything you see that there are a great number of unanswered questions you will have.  The series has a great potential behind it though and I’m eager to see where the story will go.

What Makes It Stand Out: Honestly it’s just a very interesting series.  The first episode is full of mysteries that are set up for us to find out as the series goes along.  The abilities of all the librarians can make for some potentially unique battles.  The art is fantastic for the setting and really captures an almost unnatural world.

Warnings: This is a bloody series, and it’s also a bit heady.  Some people might be turned off by the fact that there’s so much left unanswered that it might be a bit too much to really try and get into.


11 Eyes

A dark paranormal anime based on en eroge (adult visual novel) about a group of people who are being randomly transported to another mirror world full of demons.  The series so far has a lot of carefree moments between the darker elements so it feels like a combination of the Persona games and Higurashi.  Not too much is answered to start off, and all we know is that the story revolves around a boy whose sister attempted to kill him when he was a child.  He has since grown up with his childhood friend and there have been no other strange events yet.  This is an action show, but there isn’t much action in the first episode to really set the mood.  Honestly if I hadn’t seen the opening I would have never thought it would be anything more than a school-life comedy with some paranormal elements. 

What Makes It Stand Out: The main character is interesting in regards to the fact that he’s calm and collected without being overly-cool or weak and immature.  It’s nice to see a main male character in an anime that actually seems like a normal guy.  We’ll have to wait and see how he acts when the chips are at stake.

Warnings: There are some ecchi elements, which is actually more of a nuisance than anything because it just doesn’t feel like that kind of show.  It feels like the elements are forced in and that just takes away from the overall experience.  This is fairly common in many eroge titles.  Great story with no need for fanservice.


Kimi No Todoke

Here we find a shoujo romance series that revolves around a girl, Sawako, that looks like Sadako from The Ring films.  Because of this she is slightly ostracized by her peers, but she doesn’t seem to be bothered to bad.  She actually seems to be more bothered by the fact that she doesn’t have the supernatural powers that everyone thinks she does because of her semblance to the dark character of Sadako.  The romance element comes from the friendliest kid in class who clearly has feelings for her and does his best to make those feelings known.  She, however, is so happy that he treats her normal that she seems oblivious to the fact that his affections are much stronger.  This is where the charm of the series comes out.  Sawako is so happy over being able to overcome the simplest misunderstandings and make others happy that you can’t help but really cheer her on in her endeavors. 

What Makes It Stand Out: The series is adorable and incredibly charming.  It’s a warm series that seems more focused on the happy moments of interactions with people than a ton of drama that normally plagues shoujo series.

Warnings: This is a very light hearted shoujo, so don’t go into it expecting epic drama of series like Hana Yori Dango or the humor of Marmalade Boy.


Sora No Otoshimono

It doesn’t get much more indulgent than this series.  Here we have the story of a high school boy who somehow gets a wish-granting angel that is bound to him by a chain and a leash.  She is basically an obedient pet who seeks nothing more than to please her master.  This series doesn’t really have much substance past that.  It’s about as perverse a show as you can get without being a hentai anime.  The animation quality is actually incredibly good in spite of the subject matter which is a rarity.

What Makes It Stand Out: This is just as indulgent of a perversion as you can get in an anime.

Warnings: This is just as indulgent of a perversion as you can get in an anime.  No seriously, even if you like perverse comdies it’s a little over top.  And yes this is the series with the ending video being panties flying through the air like birds.


Sasameki Koto:

This is a shoujo-ai romance-drama, a lesbian romance series.  The show focuses around two best friends and the romantic feelings between them.  The drama comes into play with the fact that the one girl is always falling in love with other girls, but he seems to have a complete lack of gaydar.  This leads to a lot of heartbreak on her part as she lets these crushes of hers build and build till she finally confesses her love to another girl only to be turned down instantly.  What makes matters worse is that she always goes back to her friend for consolation.  The only problem is her friend is also gay and deeply in love with her, but unable to make her feelings known.  You kind of get the feeling that the one girl is almost toying with her best friend.  Kind of stringing her along like a tease.  The series is incredibly over dramatic at times to a point that’s almost borderline hilarious. 

What Makes It Stand Out: This is a very sad romance series based on the premise of unrequited love on a grand scale.  The music is incredible and really adds to every emotion that is brought up at seeing the heartbreak in the show.

Warnings: Heartstrings may be pulled.  There is a potential for really getting frustrated at the girl who feels the need to move on to her next crush constantly.


Seiken No Blacksmith

This is a European fantasy action series that takes place in a land filled with demons and bandits.  The story revolves around a female knight, from a family of knights, that loses her first real battle and is saved by a blacksmith.  This blacksmith is also a great warrior who uses a special sword he calls a “Katana.”  Basically he’s the only person in this European setting that can make Japanese swords, and the knight wants him to make her a sword so that she can fight just as well.  From there we see that there’s a lot more going on in regards to the blackmith’s role in local politics and the defense of the land from a rising problem with demons plaguing the land.  There’s a lot of potential in this show and it’s always nice to have a fantasy themed series.

What Makes It Stand Out: The art is great, and it’s always fun to see a new fantasy world and find out what makes it up.  The characters are all charming in their own respects.  Even though the blacksmith is a jerk, he stays true to that character and doesn’t back down from his stances like most characters of that type.  The character designs overall are very interesting.

Warnings: Could be potentially violent in the future. 



Overall a good start for this season.  On a personal note, the shows I’m most looking forward to are Nyan Koi, Kimi No Todoke, and The Book of Bantorra

  1. 5yphon
    October 20, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    Is any of this dubbed?

  2. jettwinlock
    October 20, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    They would be fan subbed since they just came out in japan.

  3. DubbedReally?
    December 7, 2009 at 1:18 am

    You should be destroyed for watching anything dubbed, you make my head hurt.

    • 5yphon
      December 7, 2009 at 1:22 am

      Pineapples make my head hurt too. Damn you ticklish phenomenons!

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