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Dr. Horrible vs Batman

For those of you who haven’t seen Batman: The Brave and The Bold, SHAME ON YOU!  This weekend was the premier of Mayhem of the Music Meister, a musical episode.  Why should you care?  Easy!  Neil Patrick Harris is the voice of the Music Meister!

Meister is a completely original villain created just for the cartoon.  And honestly has some pretty… ahem… unique, powers.  His singing voice hypnotizes you and forces you to do his bidding (while singing and dancing).  And apparently seems to have the unique power to change wardrobe almost instantaneously between cuts.

Where's Bad Horse, the Thoroughbred of Sin?

I won’t screw up the episode, you just have to see it to enjoy it (and honestly, who doesn’t want to see Black Manta dance-fighting).  The link above will take you Cartoon Network’s site and will begin streaming the episode directly from the Interweb.

Interjection Hijack!
Master Zombie here. Just tossing in a little added bonus. Brave and the Bold isn’t the only time we’ve gotten hear Batman singing. While it’s the great Kevin Conroy this time instead of Diedrich Bader, it’s just as fantastic a moment.


Damn zombies.  No one hijacks my postings.  Not even the undead.

Since we’re talking about Kevin Conroy and weird voice acting stunts, check out the Venture Brothers episode “Handsome Ransom“.  Wait till the credits roll and see if you can guess what character Kevin Conroy voiced.


  1. October 29, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    I downloaded this as soon as it was available. I didn’t think anything would top the Green Lantern episode or the 2 Part Evil Universe episode, but holy cow. This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. They really put a lot of effort into creating this.

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