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New DSi LL Announced

Nintendo just got done unveiling a new redesign on the DSi at a press conference in Tokyo. This new DSi LL is much larger than all prior incarnations of the portable system. It supports a 4.2 inch screen and overall is larger in size in general from both the DSi and DS Lite. The intent behind this release is due to customer demand who wanted a larger screen to better support web browsing and music/movie playing. The only thing that seems odd is that even though the screen is much bigger, the pixel ratio is still the same. This means that we won’t be able to have any better resolution images than we currently have. Granted the DS resolution is pretty nice when people aren’t trying to force 3D games into it, but this just seemed like a good opportunity to improve on that is all. The DSi LL will be released on Nov 21st in Dark Brown, Wine Red, and Natural White at a price tag of 20,00 Yen or 220 USD. You can check out more of the stats at a very informative post via Kotaku

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