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Your Childhood Strikes Back II: The Revenge

Last month I posted about obscure TV shows that I watched as a kid.  I have been thinking about it, and I KNOW left out a whole bunch more.  So here are some more odds and ends that will give you the “I WATCHED THAT!” vibe.  Or if you’re normal, then you won’t.

BraveStarr – If you watched the intro, you really can’t add anymore to this.  This is just trippy as hell.  A cyborg were-horse?  From the makers of He-Man.

Tiger Sharks – Everybody wanted some of that Thundercats money back in the day.  This show was pretty much a ripoff from that.  Only underwater.  Stupid seahorse.

Bucky O’Hare – I dare you not to sing along.  It’s Bucky!  Captain Bucky O’Hare!  They don’t make theme songs like this anymore…

Spiral Zone – Yeah.  Not alot of people remember this one.  That red shit on his face?  Zombie sores.  Really.  Bonus if you had the toys, I know I do.

Saber Rider – Best show with completely unnecessary whip crack sound effects.  And you also have to have some balls to fight starfighters armed with a sword riding a rocket horse.

Centurions – This show was a bit on the hokey side, but man, the toys were friggin’ amazing!  It was like Lego’s, but with guns!

MASK – OK, if you were a boy in the ’80s and you DON”T know about this show, turn in your man card.  Everybody wanted the flying Camaro.  That theme song kicks ass too.  And honestly?  That kid on the scooter-bot?  I wish he got shot.  A LOT.

Visionaries –  I think I just had a seizure remembering this show!  Epilepsy FTW!

Skeleton Warriors – This one’s for you Zombie.  Unstoppable undead, post-apocalyptic society, and the best CGI talking skull narration money can buy!  Well, in the ’90s anyway…

Gargoyles – I had to put this in here.  This show was frickin’ amazing.  Too bad Disney can’t make stuff like this anymore.  Or can they???

Exo Squad – Another I had to put it in here.  Blonsky rules.  Buy it.  A LOT.

G.I. Joe Extreme – Don’t let the whole EXTREME deal fool you, this was actually really good.  I like having the Joes be a small tactical unit, not some Mongol horde of super-elite soldiers.  How many super-elite soldiers were there anyway???  EXTREME!

Pirates of Dark Water – Cannibalistic ooze taking over Waterworld.  Sign me up!  Hated the theme song though…

King Arthur & the Knights of Justice – Premise is completely awful.  A football team knows how to swordfight?  Are you kidding?  Even after that god-awful setup, the show was still good!  And have you heard that guitar solo in the theme song?  Classic!

Phew!  I’ve blown my wad and I’m spent…


  1. November 3, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    I just got done re-watching all of Exosquad myself the other day. The series’ themes still holds true even now. I actually found myself catching SO MUCH more by rewatching it. I never realised the vast comparisons there were between World War II and the important figures in the story. You have Russia in the Pirate clans, The Neosapiens as the Nazi Regime with Phaeton paralleling Hitler in so many ways, Admiral Winfield as Churchill, and J.T. Marsh as the American sensibility and ideal. The show’s fantastic with it’s metaphors on war, racism, life, and why people fight. I also want to say that this was the first I ever watched growing up where main characters actually died. I highly recommend the series and you can check out more in an article I wrote about it as well as my complete collection of Exosquad toys at http://www.bamkapow.com/blast-from-the-past-exosquad-toys-2857-p.html

    • 5yphon
      November 4, 2009 at 3:21 am


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