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Square Enix Lays Off 10% Of It’s Workforce

There have been rumors about massive cuts at Squeenix going around for a while now.  Well at a recent shareholders’ meeting we had official confirmation from CEO Yoichi Wada that the company will be cutting 10% of it’s 3,805 employees.  This comes as a surprising maneuver with Squeenix’s sales rising steadily over last year, and with FFXIII just around the corner.  Wada states that it is an act of “oganizational invigoration,” but the motive still doesn’t seem very clear.  I for one don’t really see why these cuts are particularly necessary.  Wada explains that it’s mainly due to the fact that all of their recent mergers have greatly weakened their managerial staff and the inefficiency of large enterprises has set in.  One has to wonder if anyone outside the studio will take notice of the changes due ot the fact that we still aren’t quite sure what parts of the work staff are being cut.  It seems mainly that it’ll be less of the creative teams and more of those kind of running the office interworkings.  We’ll just have to wait and see what else may come of this. 

via Sankaku Complex(NSFW)

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