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Kick-Ass Trailer

I’ve been reading Kick-Ass since the comic first came out, and I have to say that the visuals run pretty accurate. The trailer makes it seem like they are trying to capture the feel of the first few books in the series, and they do a very good job of it. All the characters’ costumes feel spot on and really make you imagine a world of just people dressing up. Aaron Johnson as Dave(Kick-Ass), really pulls off the somewhat goofy nature of the character in his costume. My only concern about the film comes mainly from the comic. Without spoiling much, let’s just say the the story gets really dark really quick. It’s almost difficult to read at times because of the horrible things happening in it. So what people may go to see as this awesome, fun film, could turn into something dark and twisted that the trailer doesn’t really impress upon you. Either way I’ll be there opening day.

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  1. 5yphon
    November 14, 2009 at 2:48 am

    AWWW! You stole my thunder on this!

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