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Dragon Age: Origins Ending Thoughts (Minor Spoilers)

It took 46 hours and 32 minutes in the making, but I have finally triumphed over the Archdemon and beaten Dragon Age: Origins. I’m satisfied with the ending, but there are some issues I have.

Like any RPG where you can take different paths, you have a multitude of choices at the ending. The problem with this though is that the choices you made earlier in the game don’t seem to have too much impact on the endings. It seems that the only thing that might be different at the end is what characters you have in your party. Good or evil, it really doesn’t matter. You’re presented with a series of choices at the ending that have no bearing on your standing.

The other issue I have is with the “Ritual” choice. I won’t go into detail because the spoilers would be too grand, but if you get an option to perform a certain Ritual which has positive outcomes and negative outcomes if you don’t perform it, but the actual actions of the ritual are very extreme. Performing the ritual should effect a lot of things like your relationships with characters in the party, but in the end no one seems to care. Perhaps we can assume your character doesn’t tell anybody, but that would make the character come across as a somewhat negative/evil one. This bothers me because I play the super good type characters. This is something that comes up a lot in the game. You have to make a number of tough decisions where there are always negative elements to each decision. I like that, for it makes you a bit more involved and it’s more realistic. In life there is rarely a perfectly positive choice.

The best part about the ending is the set up for the next games. There are a lot of loose threads in the final ending that seem to be presented so that they can conclude in the sequel. I was a bit torn because I would have really liked a bit more conclusion to, well, the conclusion. My excitedness for the potential in the next game though far outweighs that in the end. I do wonder how they will go about the sequel though. They make it sound like the sequel will be direct. As in, the sequel should be picking up after the first game, but a number of years in the future. We will most likely see some of the characters from the first game again. There are a lot of questions though. Will you get to pick up with your old character? Will there be a new one? How will everything tie together? I for one would like to see the origins element come into play in the sequel, but this time the origins are based on which ending you chose. This could lead you to either replaying with your original character, or perhaps start a new character entirely in the same world. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Things to change:
Inventory System – This is probably the biggest issue I had in the game.  The system is set up so that you can only carry 70 unique items at a time.  This means you can have 90 potions and they fill up one inventory slot, but if you have two daggers then it’s two slots.  Countlessly I found myself having to toss stuff because there’s so much loot in dungeons that I just can’t carry it all.  This proved tedious and pointless.  The problem mainly lies with the fact that there’s no storage area in the game.  You have a camp, but no chest or trunk to store your extra stuff in.  This meant  you had to carry crafting materials, buff items, extra weapons/armor that you couldn’t wear yet, and other such things on your person all the time.  What’s really weird is you can sell stuff to vendors, and those vendors will have those items for the rest of the game.  I found myself selling all my extra gear to the vendor in my camp so that in a worst case scenario I could buy my items back at a 75% price increase.  If they could do this then they should have had a vendor NPC with a zero cost element who just holds stuff.  Now you can buy the first DLC and you’ll get a place to store your stuff, but this is just frustrating.  I’m actually purposefully not buying the DLC because of the fact that they fixed a glaring issue in the game, but refused to put it in a patch and are forcing us to pay for it. 

Classes/Specializations – In the game there are 3 base classes and each base class has 4 specializations that they can unlock, and each character can choose a maximum of two specializations.  The problem with this is that each specialization only has 4 abilities so you don’t really access too much “specialization.”  I would like to see the option to actually be just these special classes and make them much more unique.  You can still pick a specialization to multiclass, but you should get access to more than just a few abilities.  With the limitation as is, I found that all my party members pretty much had the same specialization.  You can pick different schools for each of the three main classes, but that’s still not that much in variation except what weapon/magic you use.  Something that I think a lot of RPG/MMORPG’s don’t realise is that more classes is always better.

Party Members – Not much to say here except that it would be nice to get everyone you can possibly get much sooner in the game.  The setup of this game involves basically gathering an army from the major nations around the world.  Each step in the game gains you a new companion, but because of this I found myself not having my full party till I was 80% through with the game.  This is just too far into the game and lead me to not really getting attached to the characters I gained later.  Now this could be some reason for replayability so it’s not a huge issue, but still one that I felt should be mentioned. 

Final Thoughts:

This was just a fantastic game, and I couldn’t stop playing it after starting.  I highly recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of old school RPG’s like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment.

  1. jo
    November 22, 2009 at 12:42 am

    There is a chest mod (released by a bioware dev) that you can install for a chest in the camp

  2. November 22, 2009 at 1:32 am

    Thanks for the heads up. For everyone reading you can get the mod here.

  3. kev
    December 28, 2009 at 6:38 am

    dude you can buy backpacks from many vendors throughout the whole game, one of it being the quartermaster at ostagar, where u can buy 2 backpacks, before you enter the kocari wilds and after you completed the joining. each backpack will give you an extra 10 slots. at the end of the game i can actually store up to 130 items. hope this helps.

  4. Andrew V
    December 30, 2009 at 7:12 am

    yes, but being able – well, sorry, forced – to buy those backpacks is horrible design. Why not just let me carry as much stuff as I want? It doesn’t actually harm the game, and makes it less annoying.

    infinite bags of holding FTW.

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