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Issue #1 – FVZA (Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency)


I picked up this comic at my local provider on a whim, and I’m certainly glad I did.  What we have here is a action/horror comic based on the website of The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency.  This is an organization that covers the history of zombies and vampires throughout times.  In actuality it’s like a reference website of an alternative history where Vampires and Zombies are more openly known.  While it’s nice to hide in the shadows and wait for my next dish of brains, I can’t help but dream of a day when Zombies can walk free in the sunlight and frolic among the flesh. 


As for the comic itself, it revolves mainly around a retired head of the FVZA which was shut down a few years back due to their being no more outbreaks of the vampire or zombie plagues.  He has since secluded himself from the rest of the world and raised his two grandchildren as future zombie/vamp hunters should they return.  The grandson believes it is all a waste of time because there have been no sightings in so long, whilst the grandaughter seems more accepting of the training.  As they grow up, we see that the grandfather is a bit eccentric in their training regiments, and perhaps this is why the opening scene has the grandaughter as an adult with a gun trained on her grandfather.  Though the story starts as a flashback, we see events happening in the present as well.  We find out that there are still vampires, but they have been hiding in the shadows out of fear.  We focus on one who is seeking to take back his place as a feared predator among the humans.  While this story has been told before, the addition of zombies into the element could prove interesting.

The Main Draw:

What originally grabbed my attention was the beautiful artwork presented in this comic.  Each panel is colored beautifully and every page is almost like a painting itself.  Along with this I found the alternate history to be fascinating.  We get to see the origins of the FVZA in the wild west combatting Vamps with six shooters, and we move on to examining Hitler’s experiments with the zombie plague in WWII.  There’s a lot of potential in this comic aside from the main story.  Here we have very good reason to go back and explore more of the alternate history scenarios in future books. 

I highly recommend picking this comic up.  It’s a huge deal at 60 non-advertisement pages for 5$.  You check out a preview at Radical Comics Website.  You can find it at your local comic book shop, or order it via Heavy Ink.

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