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Turtles Forever Crossover Thoughts

The Turtles Forever movie just finished up, and I have to say that I was quite impressed with it.  For those unaware, Turtles Forever was a massive crossover movie that found the Turtles from the 80’s cartoon crossing dimensions into the current Turtles cartoon series.  You can tell that they really put a lot of effort into this film and that they geared it more to fans of the classic series in regards to the massive throwbacks to the old cartoons.  It’s a lot of fun to watch and see how all the new cartoon’s Turtles react to the zany and silly hijinks of the classic cartoon Turtles.  Probably one of the best running gags in the movie is Classic Raphael constantly turning and talking to the audience as everyone else looks on confused.  The plot of the series involves the classic Shredder resurrecting the current Shredder who procedes to upgrade the foot soldiers and the technodrome.  Then he sets about a task of locating all the Turtles across the multiverse and attempting to find the original Ninja Turtles so that in destroying them he will destroy the Turtles across the entire multiverse.  Everything in the movie is just the clash of cultures between the two series, but it’s just done so well that it remains entertaining throughout the length of the movie.  Combine this with a finale that takes place in the original Turtles comic universe as an homage to the original comic and you have a Turtle’s fanboy dream.  You can catch it for the next 3 weeks every Saturday on the CW at 10:30 a.m.

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