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Geeky Things To Do With Your Non-Geeky Friends

We geeks get a bad rap.  Most of the “norms” think that we just hang out all day in our basements or some such and do “weird” things.

Use this to classify yourself and your "so-called" non-geeky friends & family.

Trust me, anyone can be a geek.

Bearing this in mind I have a compiled some geeky activities to do with your non-geeky friends.

#1 – Fluxx

The card game with ever changing rules.  The good thing is that Fluxx now has many different flavors at this time.  If unpredictable fun is your thing, then Fluxx is for you.

#2 – Settlers of Catan

In my honest opinion, the absolute best board game I have ever played.  Not as predictable as Life and not as cut-throat as Monopoly.  The board changes every time you play, so the game is always different.  Also, the gameplay is actually quite simple once you learn it.  I have not met a person yet that doesn’t like this game.

#3 – Munchkin

You knew this was coming.  If you haven’t introduced your family to this particular gem, you aren’t a true geek.  There are so many expansions and flavors of Munchkin now, you can hit just about ANY demographic.  It’s fun no matter how you play it.

If you think there are some more out there, let me know.  I’ll post ’em.


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