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New Wii games that are not advertised well.

How did so many wii games go unnoticed on game sites for so long

Tales of Grace comes out in in dec 13
Silent Hill Shattered Memories is out dec 8
and Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers is out dec 26

How is it that they seemed to appear out of no where I felt that
Silent hill and Tales of grace still had months before released and I knew a bit about Final Fantasy mainly cause I went looking for it but I was still surprised since I thought all of these games were for 2010.

Where the hell is the marketing done on these games, I saw not one commercial on any of these games and two of them will be out in less than 2 weeks. These aren’t small games or small developers or publishers so where the hell is all the marketing for these games.

Basically if you don’t already know about these games you aren’t going to know about them. I have lots of friends who own wiis didn’t even know about any of these games they aren’t people who waste time trying to find out about new games since they have other hobbies. This is the publishers fault they really need to do a better job marketing on their games

When the only wii game commercial I see on tv is for EA Sims agents their is a problem. I saw nothing on EA’s Dead Space Extraction except whats on game sites which means I already knew about it so they aren’t branching out their demographics. Than EA bitches it doesn’t sell well, well you actually do some research that doesn’t involve if game A sells well because of this genre than ours must sell well cause it’s in the same genre. (Cough Cough Resident Evil UC.)

After finding out that Silent hill for wii come out in less than a week today it just surprises the hell out of me. Because if it’s surprising me than most of my friends won’t be looking for it on the shelves, not because they wouldn’t like it but because they never heard anything about it.

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  1. Michael Bonner
    December 4, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    I definantly agree with this. No advertisments… No sales… No bitching! I like this post

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