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My Favorite 5 Graphic Novels Of All Time!

This is the holiday season.  Because of that, I will be making list of “potential” gift ideas for you favorite comic geek at home.

Let’s Begin!

#5 – Ultra:  Seven Days

Sex and the City with superheroes? WTF?

My wife turned me on to this.  Yes, she reads comics too.  I enjoyed it because it made a great attempt to humanize the concept of “super-humans”.  How would they function in a real world?  All through the eyes of a very lonely superheroine, Ultra.  By The Luna Bros.

#3 & 4 – Wolverine:  Enemy of the State / Agent of SHIELD

Ol' Logan doing what he does best. Killin' some fools. Hey, that ain't very nice!

Why is everyone in the Marvel U afraid of Logan?  Because he’s a living weapon.  But what if that weapon were to be wielded by HYDRA?  Well, you find out here, every superhero in the Marvel U takes a powder and you see a mutant that takes down Logan without breaking a sweat.  Literally.  Also, pick up Agent of SHIELD while you’re at it.  It continues the story.  So this counts as 2 entries.  By Mark Millar & John Romita Jr.

#2 – Old Man Logan

Mix Unforgiven with Wolverine and you get this.

This is quite possibly one of the most blood-soaked, disturbing, and amazing things to come out of Marvel.  A middle-aged Wolverine going on a cross-country trip to make some cash.  The catch?  The U.S. was taken over by all the villains and cut up into territories ruled by the strongest.  Where did the heroes go?  DEAD.  Just wait till you see what happened to your favorite characters.  Hulk gives me the scaries.  By Mark Millar and Steve McNiven.

#1 – Wanted

The original story. The movie was still good though.

I read this little gem back in the day.  Yeah, that long ago.  This is my favorite story, I think.  Give a “real” nobody some powers, some cash, and a license to do what ever the hell he wants.  You know you’re Wesley.  You just haven’t been given the chance yet.  By Mark Millar and JG Jones.

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  1. jettwinlock
    December 8, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    I love graphic novels, have you ever read the comic book Empire, that was just cool because it was about a Super Villain after he has taken over the world.

    But I still think Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is still one of the best it’s just so epic, can’t wait to read those wolverine stories though.

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