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5yphon’s End of Year Best Evar!…This Year

Yes, the end 2009 is nigh.  And the best things in geek culture this year have to be awarded!  At least by me.

DISCLAIMER:  All of the awards and/or opinions stressed in this posting are my own and in no way do they involve Geeklat as a whole.  And if you feel the need to let me know your thoughts please do so.

Best Movie

Zombie strippers FTW!

Transformers:  Revenge of the Fallen may have been awesome (half-nekkid Megan Fox doesn’t hurt), but pound for pound this flick got me from the first 30 secs.  It is a well-deserved honor.

Best TV Show

Yes, I really do watch this.

There hasn’t been anything worth watching in the WB (now CW) since the old Angel and Buffy days.  This problem was remedied by the addition of Supernatural to the lineup.  If you haven’t watched this, you’re missing out.

Best On-Going Comic Hero

Here comes ol' Hal to bring forth the Brightest Day!

Why is the the hero of 2009?  He single-handedly brought back interest in the GL Corps.  A DC animated movie, a live-action movie in the works (Ryan Reynolds starring!), and a company-wide cross-over that directly puts him in the forefront.  What about 2009 wasn’t about Hal?

Best On-Going Comic Villain

The biggest bad dressed as the American dream?

The greatest take-over in the history of comics.  The Dark Reign is everything that I believe should be done in comics.  Compelling story-telling sending old characters in new and daring paths.  Norman being the “ruler” of the free world by being its top cop?  Never saw that coming.  I can’t wait what Marvel has in store next year after Siege.

That’s all I got so far.  Discuss.

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