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Doctor Who: The End of Time – Part 1 Thoughts (Minor Spoilers)

He Will Knock Four Times

The first in the last two episodes of both David Tennant and Russell T Davies’ runs on Doctor Who aired last night, and it certainly set things up for whats to come.  The big reveal of this episode was the return of the Master played by the marvelous John Simms.  I won’t give away the details of his return, but needless to say something goes a little wrong and he’s left an insane and hungry shell of a man.  Though he was already pretty insane to begin with.  His accident in his return process also left him with a little extra helping of super powers as well to make him even more menacing.  The confrontation between the Doctor and the Master is a bit lackluster by comparison to that from the 3 part finale that ended with “The Last of the Time Lords.”  This may be due to the fact that the Master’s return is only part of the events that are going on.

In general the Doctor seems out of his normal flow.  This is intentional, however, because we are finally seeing the Doctor afraid of what’s to come.  He actually fears death for the first time, and it shows how much more human-like his nature has become.  Perhaps part of the reason for his fear is that he regrets a lot of the recent decisions of his that fell through such as the events in the Waters of Mars and the handling of the Doctor-Donna.

Probably the other draw to this first part is the setup for what’s to come.  Wilfred Mott(Bernard Cribbins), Donna’s father, plays a large role in this episode as it establishes that there must be something special about him because of how often he crosses paths with the Doctor.  Not much was revealed as to what this may be, but speculation can include lots and even up to the point that he may be a human trapped Time Lord.  We also find near the end that Donna may be remembering some of her time with the Doctor which will lead to some big problems I imagine.  This is where the other big draw appears at the end of the episode.  We see that the Narrator for this episode, played by Timothy Dalton, is some high representative for the Time Lords and that it seems they have survived the great war with the Daleks.  We’ll have to wait till New Years Day to get the answers we crave and get our final moments with the Tenth Doctor.

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  1. December 28, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    Freaking awesome, did not see that ending coming with the time lords.

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