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Indie Game Heads-Up: Zombie Driver

It's Like Driving Miss Daisy, Only With More Brain Eating.

Thanks to Steam’s massive holiday deals, I was able to finally pick up Zombie Driver.  ZD is a game where you basically drive around a city infested with zombies.  You’re able to dispatch them with a variety of weapons or simply by just plowing/sliding your car into them.  The game itself is relatively simple in concept, and you shouldn’t get this if you’re expecting much more.  You get a series of missions that all entail finding survivors within a certain amount of time and bringing them back to base.  Luckily once you pick up the last group of survivors your timer basically stops so you’re free to drive around as long as you want just killing all the zombie you want.

The actual gameplay is very reminiscent of classic arcade games.  Simple concepts that are a lot of fun in execution.  There are a number of different zombie types including ones that throw things at you, zombie dogs that are faster, brute zombies that damage your car and slow you down more, and fat zombies that explode on impact to do a lot of damage.  This simple variations mix things up a bit when ramming your way through a horde.  You’ll have to be careful of your exact path or else you’ll take a lot more damage as you plow through.   You’ll also be able to unlock a number of cars that all have varying stats such as more armor on a police car, a faster speed on a sports car, or more passenger room on the bus.  The bonuses to each vehicle as well as to the weapons you pick up are all upgradeable using money made from mowing down zombies or finding cash power ups.

Probably one of the biggest things I enjoyed about the game is that it’s visually beautiful.  The city is rendered phenomenally, and though the zombies/survivor models aren’t the best, everything else just looks fantastic.  The lighting and modeling really captures the feel of an abandoned city, and the company has released a mod that changes the time in-game to night so you must go by your headlights.

The game is definitely worth your time if you’re bored one day, and the only shame is that the game is as short in length as it is.

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