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Zombie Research Society – Blog Spotter

It's like they're documenting my life.

In my shambling across the internet, I have found many-a sites dedicated to studying the nature of Zombies like me. It’s nice to find a site like the Zombie Research Society that seeks to study my kind in all their glory. A shining example of this is the recent article discussing the possibility of a hive mind system between those of the Undead persuasion.  This is a fascinating insight, even if they forgot about the Queen bee concept or the fact that a Master Zombie like me might be in control over the basic horde.  There is so much data present here that you can tell they are really putting in their hours on their topic.  The level of information they cover in their articles is astounding.  You have everything from survival techniques, weaponry, studying of what could make the undead, and examples of pop culture glorifying my kind in various flattering ways.  When my kind rise up, I’ll be sure to avoid these guys so as to improve MY chances of survival.

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Upcoming Games: Fragile Dreams – Wii

January 29, 2010 2 comments

Fragile Dreams is finally coming to the U.S. on March 9th. This is a pseudo-survival horror game with more of a lighter take on the horror and a keener focus on romance and story. The game takes place in a world where a boy may be the last human alive and the only other creatures he encounters are spirits, monsters, and a strange girl who appears also human. From the trailer, you can tell that this is going to be an incredibly deep game full of drama and emotion. On top of that, the game looks absolutely breathtaking on the Wii. I just wanted to post this so that people were aware that it’ll be out soon.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

College Rivalry

Why don't you have a seat anime society?

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No More Heroes 3 Wishlist

January 29, 2010 Leave a comment

I just finished No More Heroes 2 and it was a blast.  I played the bug out game more times and I don’t even need the money.

I honestly hope this game does well enough for Suda to make a third game even if goes to another system which I think it would.

I want more battles, this is one of those game that you really feel like you can’t get enough of fighting crazy enemies.  It did feel kind of cheap that we only got 15 or 18 battles in this one.

The one thing I think they should expand on is more dialogue for the battles in cut scenes, I just want to get to know more about the characters before I kill them, if you don’t like that you could always skip it.  It’s just hard to have character development when you are constantly killing off a lot of the cast.

Mini games, and not just the mini games they made.  I want Suda to make full retro games that you can buy in a store with the cash you make and play them on the tv.  I would love his take on all the old genre’s.  His version of Mario, his version of Zelda, his version of a JRPG and others.  Make it so that the tv has a great use within the game, something like this would completely make the game even more unique.  Also the development team said they loved making these kinds of games.

Buying more weapons, I got only 2 weapons from Naomi than a third as a gift.  Make here more useful throughout the game.

Most of the wish list I would want now come from the money system, I would think since he’s an otaku that he would read comics.  I would love for them to make so that they sell some short comics to read in the form of a digital interactive comic.  Maybe have one on those Bizzera Jelly 5, others on more hardcore things. He could just let his creative juices flow for them they don’t have  to fully make sense.

Henry and Shinobu should have more playable parts actually make it so that they could play through the entire game on their own after you beat it.  Unlike some games that just add skins to the characters with a second play through.  Those two had different play styles, after playing as Shinobu I felt lost without the ability to jump.  Maybe give them more of their own side missions.  3 stories rolled into one.

Things I don’t want.
Some will ask for online play but this is a game that you have to ask yourself would it really be better with an online component.  How would it be implemented unless you can play as most of the bosses in a death match it would suck and even than it could be poorly implemented.  I would rather them focus their time on anything else than something like this.

No more open world after tasting how fast it could be without I don’t want them ever to go back to it.

SurfaceScapes Update

January 29, 2010 2 comments

A couple of months back, I posted about SurfaceScapes.  This is a student program that uses Microsoft’s interactive tabletop to play Dungeons & Dragons 4.0.

Here is a sample demo of the game:

Yup.  I want it.  They will be doing demos at PAX East.

The Future of Comics in 2010

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

For those of you who live as hermits in third world countries, Norman Osborn rules America. That was 2009.

2010 is the return of the Heroic Age.

After 7 years of getting kicked around by the bad guys, erasing mutanity, surviving a super-hero civil war, and averting the most insidious alien invasion EVER, the Marvel heroes finally get to rest up and return to “normalcy”.

The new Avengers lineup?  And yes, Bucky is STILL Captain America.

The new Avengers lineup? And yes, Bucky is still Captain America.

This should come as no surprise to those Marvel zombies like us.

I have also found a project that is right up my alley:  Planet Hulk!

Think Hulk.  Then put him in Conan and Gladiator.  With aliens.  You get the idea.  It was easily my favorite Hulk event in years, and now it gets the movie treatment.  Let’s hope it’s good!

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No More Heroes 2 First Impressions – Review

January 26, 2010 3 comments


If there’s one game that left you dying for a sequel more than any other, it’s No More Heroes.  With a hell of a cliffhanger and tons of unanswered questions, No More Heroes set up potential for what will hopefully be a series that’ll maintain all the way to at least a trilogy.  The second game boldly takes the steam that built up in the first one and uses it to power a locomotive of awesome the size of Texas.

Here we have a game that accomplishes so much that we expect in our sequels.  No More Heroes cut out the few things that fans complained about from the first one.  Namely, you no longer have to drive around the city to get to various areas.  Instead the game gifts you with a mini-map that highlights the key areas and allows you to directly go to where the action is.  Another element that I love is that Travis isn’t somehow “weakened” before the game starts so we still have a lot of health and a powerful beam katana.  To make up for that you can upgrade it more, enemies may do more damage, and there are now 4 total types of beam katanas that you can get including dual wielding ones.  We also get more of the same content that we loved so much from the first one except with some minor touch ups that so far only enhance the enjoyment from the first game.

One of the first things you may notice in playing the game is that the mini-games and exercise regiments have changed this time around.  We find instead of the open world mini-games and side jobs, the game changes to an 8 bit retro style game.  This may seem silly to some who are playing the game, but it really ends up being a blast.  They managed to really capture the feel of playing games back on the NES right down to the sound effects that seem to have been made on the NES soundboard chipset.  On top of that, each individual mini-game plays like its own full NES style game.  You have everything from exercise that feels like an homage to kung fu, to a pipe dream type puzzle game, to an outrun/pole position racer, and even a dig dug/bomberman mash up.  These are just a small handful of the many mini-games that you’ll encounter.  There are other mini-games that seem more to be used simply to have fun without any real impact on the game.  Travis can play with his cat to keep it healthy and help it lose weight.  Or you can fire up the TV and play a bullet hell shooter based on Travis’ favorite anime show.  A fun little note is that the music used in the background of the shooter is done in Vocaloid with Hatsune Miku.

One of the things that made No More Heroes so great was that the boss fights were so unique.  Sure you had a few bosses that were primarily combat based, but you also had a nice mash-up of battles that completely changed the gameplay style.  Thankfully, they kept this feature in NMH2 and you’ll find yourself having a unique experience with each boss fight.  Currently my fave was the giant robot battle with the football player and his army of cheerleaders that transform into a Gurren Lagann esque robot.

The game is quite keen on breaking the fourth wall as was the first one.  This helps you really just sit back and have fun with the game without getting too serious.  That really seems to be the point of the game in general.  Travis is an aloof prick most of the time, but the writing makes you love the character in spite of that.  Add the over the top nature of the battles, story, and other characters and you have a game that really reminds you of the classic days when games favored fun as the primary element they worked for.

As it stand, I have to say that if you loved No More Heroes, then you will really love No More Heroes 2.  If you’ve never played the first one then I would recommend finding a copy of it first, but if you can’t it’s ok.  Even the game says “‘Don’t we need to explain the story for all the people who didn’t play the first one?’ ‘Nah, What’s there to pick up? You just kill people and have fun.'”

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