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RPGS I love them, I just don’t get them.

I’ve been playing RPGS since Dragon Quest (Warrior) came out for the NES and I played them since. Final Fantasy 6 was really when I started getting into them though and when ff7 came out I was hooked. But now looking back at it, why are RPGs so popular especially the JRPG, to me they scream everything bad in game design. Yet I somehow still want to play them hell I’m playing one right now.

I mean they have 40 to 80 hours of gameplay, they’re long but most of that time is spent killing a lot of the same monsters and just level grinding. If you cut a lot of the repetitive monster battles, will you be still left with the same amount of time?

The stories usually drag me in they tend to do a good job in that department if anything the excel in it, even the mediocre ones. With the time you spend on it and the time of the story it pry equals out to the same amount of time of a half an hour long tv episode stretched across the length of the game.

If you have an option of playing on a higher difficulty there is no point since all you are doing is just increasing the time to finish the game. IF you can’t beat a monster you tend to level up until you can which just means more repetitive level grinding. RPGS are the only games I can use gameshark codes on about leveling and still feel like I never cheated in it.

Very rarely will you need to change strategies in gameplay even in boss monster battles, I just press attack and heal occasionally. I went through dungeons just pressing 1 button the entire time as fast I can to get through. Yes you will be thrown a curve ball and have to use a magic on a monster that doesn’t take hits well, so instead use what ever elemental magic on it that corresponds to its opposite. Ice against fire, fire against lighting, lighting against earth, earth against ice.

Active Time Battles, pry the goofiest thing you will play, your characters line up in a row taking hits than attacking on their time like they were part of the revolutionary war. I have no good argument for this to get people to want to play this style of game either you like it or you don’t.

The only thing more intricate in an RPG than it’s story is their menu system. No game other than this can get away with such multiplayer menu and sub menus. You have charts on levels of each character, their equipment, specials, magic (white and black), items, the settings have even more. I never played a game with more graphs in charts unless it was a dungeon and dragons game and even than I got to choose the character and pretend it was me. With the characters today you can’t do that they have such intricate back stories no one could relate to them even in pretend.

There is no multiplayer at all, oh Final Fantasy tried to do it with each character using a specific players controller. But who in their right mind wants to play a character in random battles where all you do is just press X. I do play RPGS with my brother where we tend to hand the controller off as we level grind than stay around together for the story parts. I once level grinded for 8 hours straight while he was at work so we can get through most of the story in a couple of hours when he came home to get through a game.

With all these kind of flaws you think about in games it’s a wonder that these still sell like hot cakes. Yet I will still be playing them I just don’t know why I am.

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