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What if your console wins?

We have 3 consoles in the video game market right now, but what happens if anyone of the companies fold or give up for whatever reason.  Let’s look at that good and bad of each.


I’ll start with the most popular, Nintendo.  Right now I don’t see them getting bought out or going into bankruptcy, but I would have said the same thing with Sony during PS2 era.  Anything could happen in this type of market.  The only way I see Nintendo losing their foothold is very simple no grandma, parent, or casual gamer will go out of their way to buy a new system every 5 years for a console life cycle.  If Nintendo is lucky they will have just kept a bunch of new younger gamers back into the market and devoted to Nintendo as they did with the 80s.

What if they do a 180 and they lose all that income they made off the Wii, and sell the company.  Nintendo did mention if they couldn’t make consoles they would get of the video game market all together.  Mario, Zelda, and Metroid would pry get bought out by another company and more than likely be not as good.  Mario isn’t an icon just because he’s popular, but his core games are great; even his spin offs are good.  Some try to argue that Microsoft or Sony would make Mario fun, doubtful as they only see it as an icon and pry won’t take the time to make a good video game or at the very least as good as Nintendo does.  It would be more of a cut and paste style of gaming if you don’t believe me look at the Phillip CD-I games (a company similar to Sony).

If they did fail, many lame developers will go with them that made their money based on cheap games for the Wii.  Nintendo allowed too many developers to make games that were not good and they took over the shelf space, never before did core gamers have to work so hard to find good games.  Sony and Microsoft I doubt will allow their product to get way out of line, having family orientated mini games are fine just not the only market and can turn away video game players if they don’t have a good variety.


Microsoft has really proven themselves over the years as they are in it for the long haul many thought once it failed they would try and get out.   They kept it going made a new console developed a great online experience, they make original games are able to get the contracts for what was once single platform and started with xbox indie games in their Xbox developer kit.

If they lose out though, so does their built up online service, this took them time to develop and no service and just go in and replace it, it would be a few years before another company can achieve this.  First person shooters may not be the same, Sony has a few but they never really had that market, and Nintendo only throws a bone here and there.  Maybe they would just go back to the PC as the majority then, but I always loved my console shooters.  They are very accessible, not just in the controller but not having to install the damn games and having to update your PC every 2 years.

On the plus side, Rare might be freed up to build multiplatform games and that infamous Conker’s sequel may come out.  People won’t have to send their consoles back to get fixed after a week, we had the green screen and red ring of death from the first 2 systems they made and I doubt it will stop anytime soon with any new system, maybe a Yellow color next.


Pry the most vulnerable out of all them, Playstation.  If Sony feels it is not making them enough money they will cut it off they can’t have this taking them down they have other ventures they need to make money on such as, HDTV, PC’s, Sony Films, Blu-ray and DVD Players.  They are a company after all and if need be, they will liquidate their assets to stay afloat.

If we lose them, we will lose one of the leaders in hardware systems that try and push video games to their fullest.  Naughty Dog, Konami and Square Enix won’t have an outlet to really push their technology and software to make their games better, they may be force to do stand still or worse go backwards.  Despite even just great graphics but the games tend to be able to pull more off than the typical games.  They have the money to be able to take these hits so maybe in the future they can always make a new system that is more powerful than anything out in the market.

In the other hand, when their new system is out we won’t have to wait a year or more for a game that can even begin to utilize that system.  More than just a few companies have the market pull to make a game on that system.  Sony’s only fault was reading the market wrong feeling everyone who bought a ps2 would pay 600 to 400 dollars for the ps3.  I won’t feel like I need to be super rich to enjoy video games since even their games are 60 dollars or more.  Sony failing may allow Apple the market space to try the video game console market again, than it will be Microsoft and Apple against each other all over again, I won’t relieve the 80 and 90s I just won’t.

Now what happens if your system is some how the winner beat out all the system and these  oligopolies will become monopolies and nothing good will come of it.

Nintendo may stay alright with their games but they won’t be forced to try an innovate as much and may get a little lazy in their development of their games.  Shigemoto is going to retire sometime and although they believe they cultivate creative developers in their process, and grow great video game makers.  Would they if they knew their biggest competitors where gone?

You think Microsoft is bad now with their red ring of death, what happens to them if they feel they can just make a product without any competitors.  They will feel they just make a system to test their product at full price to the consumers.  Think that’s not possible. How about their Windows operating systems,  what do you think Home Edition is, compared to their later Professional edition?  How about they put the same method with their games?

Sony will have a narrow approach now controlling their entire industry will muscle out any competitors to make unique games that keep the market interesting.  Only the biggest industries will last and every little developer will be force out of the market.  Sure you get rid of the fat out but you also burn up awesome games that go under the radar, eventually they will start making a certain style of games and only cater to them.

Everyone of these scenarios will basically bankrupt the industry and if you don’t think that’s possible think again.

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