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5 Things The Wii HD Should Change That Aren’t So Obvious

We all know Nintendo will be making a new Wii 2, Wii HD, Super Wii or whatever it will be called.  It won’t come out anytime soon, my guess is late 2011 to mid 2012.  This gives them enough time to develop the hardware and have it cheaper.  Now, everyone is speculating what they want it to do; HD capabilities, Motion plus built-in, more storage space, and better online.

All of these are obvious, and Nintendo should not be to stupid to see that the market is heading this way and should have planned for this.  Now I wanted to mention things to change that weren’t the norm.

5 – Wii Channel Interface.

It was a good start to have various wiiware games and programs be seen after installation and to just click on a channel to play them, but I want something with a little more control and a way to make folders.

With the new Wii, it will have more than the 512 megabytes of space and I want to be able to store my Wiiware games separate from my NES, SMS, and other download content.  It wouldn’t even be too hard to navigate with point and click remote.  Call me an organization freak, but it would be nice to quickly find a game you’re looking for.

4 – Head Tracking

After watching the head tracking software from that Lee guy on YouTube I feel this completely needs to be integrated into the next Wii.  The technology is already there, they just need to use it and maybe expand upon it.

EA originally was going to put it in Boom Blox as an Easter egg, but got rid of it at the last minute.  They could have thrown it in it’s sequel.  At least some other group is making their own indie Wii shooter game that utilizes this so maybe the technology won’t go to waste.

3 – No Ports

Not to have ports of 360 and PS3 games.  I can see the arguments over Wii HD happening all over again if they end up porting over all the 360 and PS3 games to the new (Wii HD) like developers did with the Wii and their PS2 games. People arguing Wii HD is just a lame PS3.

I won’t mind some of the better games being ported over, but they don’t need to do this with every game; only the best sellers.  This will eventually lead back to shovel ware and cheap production, except more than likely the casual market may get smaller since I don’t see all of them jumping to the next console right away since they made the investment in the first one and already have all the games they want to play.

2 – Indie Game Development Kit

Some sort of development kit for junior game makers and an online system to go with it.  How awesome would it be for indie game developers to make games for the Wii, small downloadable Wiiware games, where all you would need to do is download the developer’s kit and you can have access to all the games.  Sure it would be some crappy games in their, but it can’t be any worse than what we got now.  Who knows, maybe the next Braid or Crayon Physics could be found here.

As long as Nintendo supports it and allows them to go crazy with their development.  Xbox had this, but they sort of dropped the ball when they started getting too hands on with what they allowed the creative game makers to do so they started going to other venues.  It’s not like Nintendo isn’t attracting indie developers.  Cave Story and Meatboy is going to Wiiware, but with a game maker kit they can really harness it.

1 – Holographic Disc Space.

This will be an awesome medium to store games on. It will make blu-ray look like a record.  If you give the development people the option to have 500 gigs or more to work with, who knows how epic the games can get.

Not all of the games will utilize this of course, but just think what the big dogs could do with it.  Konami loves to push development of their technology this will allow them to explore it with even less limitations.  Square Enix could make a final fantasy collect pack of all their games and spin offs and still have room.  Not only this it will basically stop people from cracking their games for the most part since Holographics are practically new and you won’t be able to burn them right away.

  1. January 15, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    I strongly agree with the Indie Development idea. PC gaming has shown that independent development and modding only improves games.

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