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FX’s New Animated Show Archer.

How did I miss this series.  Seriously I just happen to be switching through channels and bam this show comes out of left field.  I had no idea what it was, but it all look strangely familiar than it hit me it was Adam Reed the creator of Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo.  How does a show like this ever get picked up and not show any type of advertisement?

Lets get into what the show is about.  Archer is a secrete agent voiced by H Jon Benjamin ( home movies and venture brothers) who works for his mother who’s the head of the agency which explains why this incompetent agent is even a spy.  His ex girlfriend is also a spy who’s now dating the accountant for the agency and despises Archer but secretly still finds him attractive.  On top of that Archer has a weird relationship with his mother that even in japan it would be considered taboo.  This is all tied together with a 1960’s pop art design comic come to life.

Here’s a promo if you find it remotely funny you will like the show, if not you have no soul and should have your eyes poked out with tiny needles while someone pours hot wax down you throat to prevent any evil from escaping your husk of a body.

I’ve seen two episode already and this is top notch writing even as a 30 minute episodes I feel this is the best show Adam Reed created, that even includes the old seasons of Sealab.  He holds the same humor as Frisky Dingo without making an ongoing plot that goes in circles.  And you can easily make the comparison of Xander and Archer not just in looks but how the character acts spoiled rich and completely stupid.  If anyone who was wishing for the third season of Frisky Dingo to come out this is the best your going to get and actually I find it even better.  So far FX order 6 episodes and 4 scripts and I hope it won’t get canceled, but Fox owns FX so I am praying to every god, goddess, deity and higher being to prevent them from canceling.  I would sell my soul to the devil but that ship has sailed.

It Airs on Thursday at 10pm on FX

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