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No More Heroes 3 Wishlist

I just finished No More Heroes 2 and it was a blast.  I played the bug out game more times and I don’t even need the money.

I honestly hope this game does well enough for Suda to make a third game even if goes to another system which I think it would.

I want more battles, this is one of those game that you really feel like you can’t get enough of fighting crazy enemies.  It did feel kind of cheap that we only got 15 or 18 battles in this one.

The one thing I think they should expand on is more dialogue for the battles in cut scenes, I just want to get to know more about the characters before I kill them, if you don’t like that you could always skip it.  It’s just hard to have character development when you are constantly killing off a lot of the cast.

Mini games, and not just the mini games they made.  I want Suda to make full retro games that you can buy in a store with the cash you make and play them on the tv.  I would love his take on all the old genre’s.  His version of Mario, his version of Zelda, his version of a JRPG and others.  Make it so that the tv has a great use within the game, something like this would completely make the game even more unique.  Also the development team said they loved making these kinds of games.

Buying more weapons, I got only 2 weapons from Naomi than a third as a gift.  Make here more useful throughout the game.

Most of the wish list I would want now come from the money system, I would think since he’s an otaku that he would read comics.  I would love for them to make so that they sell some short comics to read in the form of a digital interactive comic.  Maybe have one on those Bizzera Jelly 5, others on more hardcore things. He could just let his creative juices flow for them they don’t have  to fully make sense.

Henry and Shinobu should have more playable parts actually make it so that they could play through the entire game on their own after you beat it.  Unlike some games that just add skins to the characters with a second play through.  Those two had different play styles, after playing as Shinobu I felt lost without the ability to jump.  Maybe give them more of their own side missions.  3 stories rolled into one.

Things I don’t want.
Some will ask for online play but this is a game that you have to ask yourself would it really be better with an online component.  How would it be implemented unless you can play as most of the bosses in a death match it would suck and even than it could be poorly implemented.  I would rather them focus their time on anything else than something like this.

No more open world after tasting how fast it could be without I don’t want them ever to go back to it.

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