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Zombie Research Society – Blog Spotter

It's like they're documenting my life.

In my shambling across the internet, I have found many-a sites dedicated to studying the nature of Zombies like me. It’s nice to find a site like the Zombie Research Society that seeks to study my kind in all their glory. A shining example of this is the recent article discussing the possibility of a hive mind system between those of the Undead persuasion.  This is a fascinating insight, even if they forgot about the Queen bee concept or the fact that a Master Zombie like me might be in control over the basic horde.  There is so much data present here that you can tell they are really putting in their hours on their topic.  The level of information they cover in their articles is astounding.  You have everything from survival techniques, weaponry, studying of what could make the undead, and examples of pop culture glorifying my kind in various flattering ways.  When my kind rise up, I’ll be sure to avoid these guys so as to improve MY chances of survival.

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