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5yphon’s Trailers of the Week!

February 28, 2010 1 comment

There are really no “new” trailers.

The Nightmare on Elm Street Remake.  Looking forward to this one.

Steve Carrell and Tina Fey.  Need I say more?

HELL YES.  Did you see the friggin’ KRAKEN?!?


Symphony of Science

February 26, 2010 1 comment

For those who may not have seen these, I felt they should definitely be shared.  The Symphony of Science is a series of songs and music videos that mix music and autotuned clips from many of the leading members of the scientific community such as Carl Sagan, Richard Freyman, and even Bill Nye.  These are really well done and I personally find them all incredibly inspiring.  You can’t help but feel the passion and energy behind these men.  You should take a moment and check them out at

Here’s the latest one: The Poetry of Reality

Here’s my personal favorite: We Are All Connected

DC’s Crisis Movie: A Small Review

February 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Just saw DC’s new animated flick, Crisis On Two Earths.  Gotta say it was pretty epic.

Big Blue and the rest of the cast make this an action-packed romp.

The story?  Quite good.  In summary, Earth-2 (an opposite DC Universe where all evil characters are good guys and vice-versa) is being overrun by a crazed group of villains called the Crime Syndicate (evil JLA).  So Lex Luthor (good and leader of his Earth’s Justice League) builds a portal to get help from our JLA.  Immensely awesome fights ensue.

Pluses to this?  James Woods’ Owlman, Gina Torres’ Superwoman, and Martian Manhunter’s new threads.  Owlman and Superwoman are incredibly crazed, deranged, psychopathic, scary, and pretty compelling.

Minuses?  Ultraman, the President of Earth-2, Johnny Quick, and William Baldwin’s Batman.  Ultraman sounded like an Italian knock-off and was pretty two-dimensional.  Johnny Quick’s British accent made me want to slit my wrists.  The President of Earth-2 was just a big pussy.  If you recognize who he is it just makes you laugh, then cry when you see more.

Batman?  Well, no more William Baldwin from now on ok?  Pay Kevin Conroy more money.  Billy Baldwin’s Batman sounded too… nice.  Was he a badass?  Hell, yes.  But when your voice was so un-intimidating it kind of took a little of the cool factor out of it for me.

The Boss of Bosses... What a stupid name...

All in all, it was a great addition to DC’s Animated Movie lineup.  Marvel, take notes.  This is what we want to see.

Pay Kevin Conroy more money.  Seriously.

5yphon’s Emergency Trailer!!!

February 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Had to post as soon as I saw this.

I must see this as soon as possible!  If you liked Wanted (and I can’t imagine why not) you will see this movie when it comes out like me.

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Top Winter/Cold Stories

February 22, 2010 1 comment

What with the “snowmageddon” and whatnot going on, perhaps now is the best time to look at some of the top winter based stories across the media.  The rule of thumb here being that christmas stories don’t count as they are really their own category.


John Carpenter’s – The Thing

This is probably one of the best alien invasion/body horror films to ever grace the screen.  A classic film about a group of scientists/pilots/and other workers at an Antarctic research station who are confronted with a shapeshifting alien lifeform.  This takes the premise of being trapped with an unspeakable horror that you simply have no means to escape from.  The tension in the film is only added by the fact that the creature can replicate dna and appear to be anyone or anything.  One of the other aspects that makes it such a good film is that the mystery develops more and more as the film goes on and even at the end we are left with unanswered questions.  These questions actually get answered a bit in the video game which was also fantastic.  Perhaps another thing that makes this work so well is that the team knows that they can’t let the creature get back to civilization and they must find out who it is and stop every part of it.  I’m just glad that this film came out at a time when horror films were about normal hard-working people.  I just can’t really enjoy horror about stupid people, teenagers, or people who deserve to die.  But that’s a whole nother article.


30 Days of Night

While this could probably fit better in a top vampire stories list, it’s winter and ice theme is what makes the premise work so well.  You take a story that already returns us to the glory of evil and monstrous vampires, and to it this element of being trapped that was stated so well in The Thing.  We have a story about an Alaskan town that is approaching winter where the sun will set for 67 days at a time.  This poses an answer to the great issue of vampires and avoiding sunlight.  With all this time they can simply wait out and relax with their prey.  It’s this element that works so well in the story.  Here we have a group of predators that normally must hunt and are instead provided a situation where their food source will basically have to present themselves to them.  By cutting off power and other resources, the people of the town will be unable to just hide out in their homes.  They will have to leave to find food, warmth, and perhaps a means of escape.  The story really tries to emphasize the idea of the cold blooded killers that welcome the cold and ice and the villagers who represent warmth and life even in the coldest of places.

Video Games

Lost Planet

While not necessarily a winter based story, it does take place on a planet in the middle of an ice age.  The basic premise revolves around an amnesic man who is working to uncover his past while battling insectoid aliens that rule the planet he awakens on.  Perhaps one of the things that makes this work so well is that the cold itself is one of the enemies in the game.  Simply being out in the extreme freezing temperatures drains your warmth.  When it gets to low you start to freeze and will die.  The only way to save yourself is to harvest warmth from the enemies that you kill or from various stations scattered around.  This proves exceedingly difficult as the game progresses and it makes you have to really focus on every battle.  It heightens your senses because you want to be perfect so as to not waste any time/warmth fooling around.  The world is captured beautifully and the idea of really having no way to escape the cold just helps convey that message further.

5yphon’s Trailers of the Week!

February 19, 2010 1 comment

It’s like a full-length feature Samurai Jack.  And I love me some Samurai Jack.

This was just funny as balls.

Curse you cold virus!

I’m currently sick.  More articles to come on Saturday.

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