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Super Bowl Ad on Dante’s Inferno misleading?

Gary Eng Walk from Techland complained about a video game ad showing only pre render cgi instead of gameplay footage and said this was misleading consumers.  My first thought was, Seriously?  An ad being misleading or trying to be hyped up more than what it is.  My second thought was this guys is a tool.

He says most people who watch Super Bowl don’t play games regularity and will think that Dante’s Infero they get will look this good.  Well this could be true with the casual gamers, but unless they are preteen just getting into more mature games (if they haven’t already) Grandma, your parents, your girlfriend (that made you watch that chick flick), who pry don’t watch football games execpt on that day or play video games that much to even get this game.  Will think to themselves  “Hey these graphics don’t look like anything advertised.  Wait why did I buy a game that sends me to hell, that sounds terrible“.

Here’s a quote from Gary.
“Seasoned Gamers are savvey enough to know b.s. when they see it in game trailers and screenshots.  But the Majority of the eye balls glued to the Super Bowl and it’s preening Commericals belong to non gamers”.

So if their non gamers than this is a non issue as they wouldn’t even be buying games, also all those non gamers wouldn’t even be WoWed about the jaw dropping graphics since they will be too busy watching the Etrade Commerical with the babies, the doritos commerical with the child’s mom’s boyfriend, or the Snicker’s Betty White one.

Now for a marketing standpoint (I a marketing major just so you know) , and one thing I can say is this.  No one goes right out and buys a game based on one commercial.  Commercials aren’t even designed like that anyway.  I don’t watch a Big Mac Ad that airs on 9 at night than go right out and buy one, do you?

Commercials are there to make you think about the product (Brand Awareness) so it’s on your radar and the more you see the commercials the more you chances it will be fresh in your brains, that’s called (Frequency), I just taught you something.  The super bowl is there to get a large audience that you may not normally hit all the time in one sitting and hopefully get some people talking about your ad in an off chance to think about your product.

Source http://techland.com/2010/02/08/caveat-emptor-eas-dantes-inferno-super-bowl-commercial/

  1. Kahsha
    February 14, 2010 at 2:17 am

    “I just taught you something”
    My brain pan has reached capacity!
    Thanks :)

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