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Fables on Television Can it Be Done?

Fables is a Comic book series that will be developed so far by ABC into a TV series.  I love the comic book series and anyone who read Neil Gaimans Sandman should get into it, actually anyone who loves comics should like it.  It has the Flair of the super hero comics with all the types of fables and their abilities.  Their is enough romance in it to attach the females without distracting any male demographic.  Their is enough mystery in the Fable universe that can be developled and great characters to go along within it.

Now saying that, I have some reserves for this being made into Tv Series.
It can’t be done.  At least not done to give the comic it’s dues.

Lets start with some good news Lost is going to be over, and ABC needs to fill it up with something, V and Flashforward still haven’t hit the mark like they wanted So ABC still needs find the hit.  Comics seem to be all the rage being made into movies, Big Bang Theory is quite popular for it’s geekdom and somehow Smallville is going into it’s 10th season.  Comic books are getting the mainstream attention they so rightly deserve as quality works of art.

NBC no longer has any rights to the Fables series so that’s a plus.  With this perfect storm of television atmosphere you think it should be a shoe in. Now lets get into why this would end up being bad and just angry all the fans and attracting no new audience.

Sci fi fantasy don’t equal Major Networks

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Shows do terrible on Primetime Major Networks because it’s a niche audience.  Their aren’t many shows that come out of the box as sci-fi and hit all the marks, and studio executives should have learned this.

You could argue Lost is Sci-Fi, but it didn’t start sci-fi or fantasy.  Think about the first season their really wasn’t too much fantasy crap to turn away non geek fans.  It was in there but it was more fined tune into drama on the characters with a lot of mysteries.  It could have been just some normal government experiment, gods, limbo, hallucination, or some autistic kid.  No one knew since they never went into detail til later on and by than you were too hooked to care.

With Fables you start right off the bat with a fantasy elements of the Big Bad Wolf (Bigby Wolf) as an investigator who is in love with Snow White.  This could work if it hits all those Twilight Fans, as long as they don’t turn it into twilight type series.

Fables isn’t kid tested.

Fables is about Snow white, Beauty and the Beast, Prince Charming, Jack of Fables, Cinderella, three little pigs and the the Big Bad Wolf, So you think this could attract kids especially if it’s on ABC owned by Disney that are practically known for half the characters.  But all the characters are messed up and have problems, Big bad wolf has sex with Snow white, Prince Charming is a womanizer, Jack of Fables is  completely Jerk.  Little Boy Blue is a warrior (your my boy blue)  Don’t get me started on Gepetto.

So what happens when parents see this and don’t want their kids to watch something that sounds like it should be for them.  They tend to protest, if they water it down it could lose what made it interesting in the first place.

Too Many Cast Members.

You think Lost would have a big cast here’s Lost the first Season and all the major characters they had.

LOST  14 Major Characters first season — 28 major characters total over the years. Not including the minor characters

Fables 32 Major Characters first Comics-  54 total so far.  Not including spin off characters or minor characters.

This is a big difference about double the casting call.  Their would be more major type characters in season 1 of Fables than they had all of Lost.  And unlike Lost not many of them died off, even when their dead they tend to come back much like Lost.

What if they go into Jack of Fables characters their are even more characters in that one.

Pinocchio can’t grow up.

Remember the first and the second season of Buffy where they had a child immortal vampire, problem is when you have a child immortal they don’t tend to stay small in real life forever.  So they had to kill him off.

Pinocchio doesn’t grow up in the series.  He’s not so pivotal in the begining but he’s there and he becomse more upfront later on.  So how will they deal with him in the series.  Will it be like Walt of Lost and just write him off if they did that it could just ruin the rest of the story since he has such a tie to the story later on.

Some work arounds is make him CG but that would look awful I don’t care how you cut it.  Maybe get a litte person to play the part but that could be problems in he needs to still look like a child not a small adult.

The best solution is get a child use makeup so you can’t tell what he looks like and give him a different look all together.  This way every year you can get a new Child to play the part and still try and keep it looking the same.

Half the Cast are Animals

How the hell are they going to deal with nearly half the cast being Talking Animals.  CG, Robotics, or Puppets.  This is a serious situation that would need to be dealt with.  Pinocchio is one character this is a whole cast of a small soap opera that they need to be created.

Production costs can get expensive, even with Disney working on it with their Imagineers.  Hopefully they can make the animals and cut the cost by using them in Disney Land later on.  Either way if they cheap out on this and try to write it out, than I grantee any loyal fanbase of the comic won’t even waste their time watching it, including me.

Production Values = Expensive

This will be one of the most expensive TV series to date if done correctly.  They could cut their expenses greatly if they animate the entire series.  But than I grantee it will fail, because only Fox has managed to make animation on primetime and they aren’t giving up that secret.

I like Fables I think its a great series and I would love to see it turned into a Television show, but it’s going to be such a massive undertaking to do with some many problems that they will need to address that no Major Network I honestly think has the resources to actually do properly, even if Disney is backing it.

  1. 5yphon
    March 14, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    No, it can’t. If it was done by HBO I would say it has a shot. But network TV? It will get watered down, streamlined, and packaged into a non-offensive “fantasy” drama.

  2. death
    March 31, 2010 at 12:24 am

    not if FX does it, it wont be watered down, streamlined,and packaged in to a non-offensive fantasy drama. it would be badass if someone did a lucifer show

  3. jettwinlock
    March 31, 2010 at 2:47 pm

    I would like to see a Lucifer show, but that would really get people in an uproar to have Lucifer as the protagonist. I think FX could do it or even AMC and SyFy their are a few networks that could pull it off I just don’t think ABC NBC Fox or CBS have the capability to do any of it.

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