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To Aru Kagaku No Railgun – Ending Thoughts

Overall I liked the entirety of the show. It was a collection of short stories featuring out favorite super powered characters fighting crime or simply just hanging out.  The series maintained a fairly light hearted atmosphere throughout that helped keep the show fun to watch.  The ending was good and wrapped up the main story localized to the Railgun spinoff show. The issue I have is that it still didn’t wrap up the overall main story that started in the “A Certain Magical Index” show.  I’m usually left wanting more by “and things continued on the same” endings. The novels are still going on though, so maybe we’ll see another series someday.  Especially considering the plot of the current novel entails Russia invading Academy City and World War III starting.

Also I don’t think I understand the logic of her Railgun being made stronger with more energy. Once she’s fired the object she has no way to increase its speed similar to real railguns.  Still, it looked awesome and I suppose that’s what counts.

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