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Newer Super Mario Brothers Wii

Remember how everyone wanted to have a level editor in super Mario brothers ever since the third game came out twenty years ago.  Than when Smash Brothers had a level editor everyone just assumed the NSMB would have it built in to make it the most freakin awesome game ever, (well I thought they might).  When it was released by than I knew it didn’t have it, but guess what?  Now it does.

All you need is the software from this place http://rvlution.net/reggie/ and bam you have your own Super Mario Level Editor.  You can even use your own Mario game, no burnt copy so Big N can’t get mad at the programmers for making this.

Big N could have done this themselves and create an online user base to make it easier but the fact that one exists out there at all is quite impressive.  The user base at the site is still small (it was release only a week ago), but they do have some levels you can download if you are too lazy to build your own.

  1. March 7, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    This is pretty awesome. I bet Nintendo hasn’t released anything like this out of fear that too many people will create their own levels/games and not need to buy Nintendo’s anymore.

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