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11th Doctor What to Expect.

The 11th Doctor will be checking in this weekend on BBC America with the new 5th season of the Doctor Who (or 31st season but who’s counting).  I wanted to write a review on the character of the new Doctor.  I know some people may find it difficult to say goodbye to David Tennant, it was for me, but I wanted to give Matt Smith a chance even if he looks like he lost his eyebrows in a fire.

Here’s my short review on the new doctor, I will not spoil anything on the first 2 episodes.  The first episode started off great, he was charming and funny right off the bat.  All his mannerisms have the making of a great doctor.  It’s quite comical to watch him in a bit, eating a bunch of food only to spit it out asking for more different foods because he didn’t like it.   Much like a child.   This reminded me of the 10th and 4th doctor playful attitude toward life.  Then, in another part, he got serious and a bit angry, reminding me of upset parent, or grandparent.  He didn’t yell or scream, just used that stare you might get from one of your parents and he talked in a stern voice.

This is where he was different from the last 2 doctors, where the 9th was gung ho, and in all honesty felt angry for most of the time (with good reason the whole Time War).  The 10th was always an emotional roller coaster, from being super fun uncle to super pissed off bastard (which was one of the reasons we liked him).  The 11th seems more accustomed to being the playful but casually stern teacher that you may have had in school.   You liked them, but never wanted to upset because you liked him or her.  This, along with his new clothes, including the bow tie, make him look like a professor at a university, so it just adds the teacher type character.

When the doctor gave a stern one liner “You’re what? You’re only human” to his companion  in the second episode after she did something wrong toward his philosophical viewpoint.  He didn’t yell, or whine at her, he just said it to her with a very serious face then turned in disgust.  It felt like being a kid and just disappointing someone you looked up to.

The new companion I like.  I like the way they developed her story.  I am sort of hoping they drop the whole love thing for a while.  I was tired of it with Rose, it was frustrating with the pining with Dr Jones, then got bored with the joking of it with Donna Noble.  It’s still too early to tell if they will try this route with the new companion as long as they don’t overdo it I guess I will be fine.

The stories are good as ever, very unique and interesting I wouldn’t expect anything less from Steven Moffat, he probably wrote most of your favorite episodes of the new series, and he wrote the first 2 new episodes of this season.  The man wrote “The girl in the fireplace, silence in the library (both parts) and my personal favorite “Blink.”  I couldn’t be happier to see him in charge of the series.

The way they are telling stories seems a bit different too, they still have the standard 45 min episode format, but in the last episode I saw it sort of arched over to the next episode, but both would be stand-alone shows.  Much like a precursors showing some of the new actors in that episode at the end of last episode.  I am not sure if they will continue this throughout the series, but it is a nice continuity and small enough change that wouldn’t distract from the whole plot.

It looks like they will be going back to method of sprinkling tid-bits of story of the overall arc for the season still.  Which is nice, I always like this about the new series.   This gave the show some more depth to it than ever before and its nice to see how things tie together in the end.

Overall if you were on the fence about the new Doctor in any way, there is enough of the old things that you would like.  Even with a goofy looking face, give him a chance you might be pleasantly surprised.  Look at it this way, they could always do a special with the 9th, 1oth, and 11th doctor together. Now wouldn’t that be something.

  1. April 13, 2010 at 7:04 pm

    Beaten to the punch! I am honestly shocked at how much I’m enjoying the 11th Doctor. After the stellar performance by Tennant, I never thought anyone could come close to his energy. Matt Smith, however, is really trying to give Tennant a run for his money. I’m incredibly excited for this season to develop and see where it goes. This season produced one of the saddest episodes in the series thus far as well.

    • jettwinlock
      April 13, 2010 at 7:34 pm

      You can still talk about the episodes I just did character analysis for anyone worried about the new Doctor. I do have one complaint about him, the fact that he uses the word “Geronimo” as a catch phrase it just doesn’t sound right. He said it three time already and i want the creators just to drop it. Every Doctor has some sorta of gimmick and I don’t want this one to be a stupid catch phrase it’s uninspired.

      • April 14, 2010 at 11:00 am

        What about Allons Y and Molto Benne?

  2. Kahsha
    April 13, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    No spoilers or I will cut you! … I know where you live MZ.

  3. jettwinlock
    April 14, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    Master Zombie :

    What about Allons Y and Molto Benne?

    I think the 10th said that twice in his entire 3 and half seasons. My problem will be every episode the 11th going to say “Geronimo”. I just don’t think it really adds anything positive to the character or make him different from the other doctors in a good way. I think his performance is good enough that he doesn’t need some catch phrase to make him different.

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