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God of War III: A Review

Cutting up some undead fools!


I have just finished God of War 3 last night.  I can sum it up in word:  epic.


The story is a direct continuation from GoW2, with Kratos laying siege to Olympus backed by the Titans.  As you evicerate, maim, and murder the gods, we are treated to a cornucopia of mayhem.  All courtesy of GoW 1’s Pandora’s Box.  The ending?  Honstly was a bit disappointing, but I imagine there will be some DLC pretty soon.


The staple of the game.  Switching between the Blades of Exile, and the Nemean Cestus (my favorite) was easy and intuitive, especially in the middle of a combo.  The Nemesis Whip was a variation on the Blades, and the Hooks of Hades were just frigging useless.  The item system was new to this iteration, and it felt a bit clunky on my end.  I liked it not using up my magic meter, but I did get a bit confused on what button combination to use at what time.  Mostly unnecessary.


The best PS3 renderings I have seen bar none.  The music was pulse pounding and the SFX felt visceral when you tore open a centaur and almost felt his entrails hit the floor.


Overall, the game was worth my money.  I can honestly say, not many games can evoke the feeling of giggling like a schoolgirl while I fight undead creatures on a 100 foot tall naked Titan made of rocks while dodging the Sea God’s attacks.  All while Gaia was climbing Mt Olympus.  This all happens in the first 5 minutes of the game.  Yeah.  Awesome.

The plot threads left over will be bothering me until the DLC which is inevitable hits.  Zeus and Gaia conspiring about Kratos’ brother?  Why is Athena back?  And how?  What happens to the world now that its in the middle of a chaotic apocalypse?  I need to know.  NAOW!

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