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New Anime Season Recommendations

The spring season is in full swing now.  Most shows are up to the episode 3 point, which is generally the point at which the style and pacing of the show is established.  That being said, here are the shows I’m continuing to watch and why.

(I have no idea why the only clip of the opening is backwards.)


The key to this series is that it was made by Stan Lee in collaboration with Bones.  One of the great idea men combined with one of the greatest production teams.  The other big key is that, being an american developed anime, the series takes place in America.  That makes it a lot of fun to watch and see the Japanese sensibilities and ideas of American life in suburbia.  The premise of the series is typical of robot buddy shows in that a young boy finds a toy that is hit by magic lightning that turns it into his own personal soldier robot.  He must then use his newfound friend to defend the Earth from alien attackers.  While it’s a very standard plot, the show retains a really great element of fun.  You just get caught up in the energy of the show and the main character, though a bit wimpy at first, already shows signs of breaking out of his shell.  Probably one of the best draws is the phenomenal work of the Bones production team.  The quality is superb across the board and this is definitely proving to be something to keep an eye on.

(This is the ending because the Opening is just the worst OP I’ve seen in a while)


Here we have the second season of perhaps the strongest progenitor of the moeblob craze that’s hit as of late.  The premise for  the original show was based on a 4 panel comedy manga about a group of girls in high school who join the Light Music Club and form a band.  This is perhaps where you find the one issue of the show.  Here we have a series revolving around music, and a band, but there’s very little to know music in the series at all.  This is primarily in part to it being based on a manga so there was no real need to have the music in the first place play a huge element.  Now, however, it makes the show lacking to an almost irritating level.  They bring it to the point of taunting where they will show an entire episode that has the story of them getting ready for a big performance.  Then they go on stage and we get a screen wipe to them just finishing up.  Just….argh.  I understand it’s a comedy/slice of life show, but come on.  Anyway, the show is more of the same stuff from the first season and, in spite of there being no real music focus, the show is still a lot of fun to watch.  It’s got really well timed humor if you like cute humor.

(Hands down the BEST opening this season. Lia has just such an amazing voice)

Angel Beats!

This is the latest series to be developed by Key (Kanon, Air, Clannad), but veers away from their normal style.  This time around the story isn’t based on a visual novel game and is developed by a separate team than normal. The show follows a young man who wakes up to find himself in an afterlife after he has died, and he has no memories of his past life.  It’s there that he learns he’s in a type of purgatory that teenagers who die go to.  Here they must go to school like normal and eventually they will be able to move on and re-incarnate to the next life. There he meets a young girl and her group of rebels who refuse to conform and move on.  They, instead, have chosen to fight back against another girl there known only as “Angel.”  They refuse to move on, and it’s not until the story starts to progress in the second episode that you realize that most of them have retained their memories and it’s because of hardships they faced that they decided to fight back against God.  At first glimpse you’ll notice some similarities to the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in the main female character and her little club of misfits, but it quickly veers away from that stigma.  The story moves quick and, though there is some slapstick, the plot gets really deep.  There’s a lot more under the surface here and the show has great potential to fall in line with other Key series and become a great tear jerker in spite of the laughs.  This is probably my pick for the best thing out this season.

  1. jettwinlock
    April 20, 2010 at 2:34 am

    I like to know when The Melancholy of Suzamiya comes back on that damn endless eight episodes pissed me off to know end.

  2. April 20, 2010 at 10:29 am

    There’s a subtitled version of a cam rip of the movie available online. I’m waiting for the DVD quality myself.

  3. jettwinlock
    April 20, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    Well I am glad it was out in some form less time now to wait for it.

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