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I Like TV!… Again!

I am a very busy guy.  I have a full-time job.  I am married.  I have a baby daughter that likes to stay awake.  I also play World of Warcraft.

I fit TV shows where I can.

I got an iPhone a couple months ago, and now I have been able to catch up on my TV watching.  I know I have missed a lot, but I just had to share the shows that I just CAN’T miss watching on my phone during my lunch hour.

In no particular order:


Mad crazy scientists AND parallel realities?

In my honest opinion, the geekiest show on TV.  All the craziness is actually based on “semi-real” scientific principles.  Who cares that some of it just doesn’t make any sense at all?  Genetic manipulation, parallel realities, cutting-edge robotics, Leonard Nimoy, the show has it all!


Yes. The peace of digesting in my stomach...

The remake of the super-campy V series from the 1980s.  I loved the part where the Visitors ate cats and their jaws extended like snakes to swallow them whole…  I wonder if they’ll do that now?

Burn Notice

It's Elvis!

If you’re NOT watching this, turn in your geek card right now, because you just lost your street cred.  A TON of geeky things in this spy action/drama/comedy.  Gunfights, explosions, MacGyverisms (who knew that you can make an x-ray machine from an old TV?), and Bruce Campbell.  Let me say that again.  Bruce FREAKING Campbell.  Now go watch.


A serial killer after my own heart... Not literally.

I love this show.  Apparently there is a book series as well.  I will be checking this out as well.  But, a serial killer who only kills murderers?  And its a black comedy?  Favorite quote:  “I will not kill my sister.  I will not kill my sister.”  While she is crashing in his pad and making herself a general nuisance.  PURE GOLD!

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  1. jettwinlock
    April 21, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    The book of Dexter is different, it’s starts out similar but the plot changes quickly and has a different ending from the first season. It’s interesting

  2. April 21, 2010 at 7:44 pm

    I am a huge fan of Fringe, Burn Notice, and Dexter. The V remake I had to pass on. I watched the mini-movie first episode and I just felt the characters were to vapid to care about.

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