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The 5 Zelda Items You Don’t Want.

Zelda is an awesome game about exploring and finding really cool items. It was always exciting to get a new item in Zelda from a dungeon because it was like getting a new toy and you couldn’t wait to try it out. They always offered such a wide area of uses and possibilities for even more exploration.

Than you got that one item that just was terrible and you felt disappointed when you got it. You would either hardly use it, it wouldn’t really allow for anymore exploration, and just felt like it wasted your inventory slot. I made list of 5 of the worst Zelda items you get through out the entire series.

5. Spinner – This Item seemed cooler than it really is and should have been. It’s one of the first new type of items you get in Twilight Princess, but it’s only use is to get from point A to point B. When you get it you have one cool battle fighting a monster. While this battle it showed the cool awesomeness it is before not being used again afterwards. The spinner had great potential to being one of the coolest items for Zelda but just fell short.

On the plus side if you have an SD card, hacked the Wii, used Ocarina (Wii’s GameShark) the spinner becomes the coolest item ever. It will allow you to fly, get through the large areas of the map faster than even the horse or rolling can. Never runs out of energy, and can hover over large gaps better than even the hover boots ever could.

Just be careful you may end up in an area you’re not supposed to be in yet and could glitch the game, at which point more hacking is necessary.

4. The Raft – It’s only been in 2 Zelda games the first 2. Thankfully they moved on from this item. It does nothing but get you to another area and really only does that twice. You can only move in straight line, so basically a bridge could have sufficed and you wouldn’t waste your inventory lugging that piece of crap around.

3. Fishing Rod – Give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish he will eat for life, teach a man to fish in a video game and he will go insane out of sear boredom. It’s usually used as a side quest to get some item you might really need, so in a way you’re force to play this mini game even if you don’t want to. So not only are you forced to use it at times, but it’s just such pointless way to try and add depth to your game. They could have just made a better side quest like blow up all the chickens to rid Hyrule of Avian Flu.

2. Tingle Tuner – Tingle is the Jar Jar Binks of the Zelda Universe. He always seems to pop up in many of the new games even though most of the games they take place centuries apart. My belief he’s the really evil of the series, and Ganon is his puppet.

The tingle tuner was a set up for Windwaker to allow a second person who had a GBA, cable connectors to play one of the most boring side jobs ever. He wasn’t needed for this single player game. He can’t really help you accept give you clues which a strategy guide could do better. The items he finds are just garbage, deku nuts, sticks, and more rupees.

1. Sling Shot – Have you really ever needed this damn item in a Zelda game, “Ocarina” but only because you can’t use the Bow and Arrow as a kid, which you ended up using in Majora’s Mask anyway.

This item always seems to make it’s way into a Zelda game but is never used except for the tutorial in the beginning on how to use it. It does little damage, if any to enemies, you have 3 other items that does a better job than this and has other uses, (Hook shot, Bow, Boomarang). What’s worse is it’s the item that keeps on taking. Not only does it take up a slot in your inventory, but at times hidden items in caves end up being a bigger bag to hold more useless pellets. Thanks for giving me a bigger bag to hold something I completely forgot I had.

So in the next game skip the Sling Shot and just move us right into Bow and Arrow training.

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