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White Knight Chronicles 2

Finally we have a preview of what I feel was a strong contender for one of the better RPG’s to come out in a while.  Now, many will disagree and will say that WKC was cliche and old fashioned.  I say that is what made it so great.  Too many RPG’s today are filled with near-future worlds, emo anti-heroes, metaphysical psychobabble stories, battle systems that try too hard to be different, and plots that are so convoluted that you need a road map to navigate them.  WKC went out to make a classic style RPG with a more traditional fantasy setting, heroic characters, and an epic feeling across the board.  Combine that with a under appreciated online system, a rudimentary job/class system for all the characters, and the ability to play your own avatar through the game and you have potential for a strong title.  <start rant>I think people are too caught up in change nowadays, reviewers especially.  They complain about an RPG’s battle system being turn based because it’s been done before.  Well I hate to break it to you, but shooting someone with a gun in first person has not changed since Wolfenstein.  My point is that systems that work still work, and this call for change is far too drastic sometimes.<end rant>

I”m very excited for WKC2 simply because they told the story of WKC as an intended chronicle to stretch across a series of games.  There are a lot of story gaps that will be filled and it seems we’ll have a number of new characters including some awesome blue knight guy.  Here’s hoping it gets brought over here and that it doesn’t take a year after Japan’s release like last time.

  1. jettwinlock
    May 14, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    I agree, I like to turn to the classic RPG turn base from time to time, it’s tried and true, it’s also nice just to play a more simplified game with a good story. I’ll be looking forward to Dragon Quest 10 personally.

    You are right about the reviewers, you have to take their criticism with a grain of salt. The comparison of FPS being always praised, although most don’t change from year to year. I remember people went bat shit crazy when Halo 2 allowed you to carry 2 guns at once.

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