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I am at a lost at the Lost Final.

Spoiler alert ++++++++++++++++

Lost is done, and for the most part I hated the last episode. The island story was fine, exciting, riveting, a little heart warming and overall a good end.

The flash side ways which everyone was thinking was a waste of time turned out to be a waste of time. Everything about them were junk, it was like the filler in family guy it offered nothing to advance the story. The writers tried to pull one last surprise twist, that not only fell short, but did nothing for me and actually took away from the show.

It turned lost into the “10 people I meet in Heaven”. So basically this alternate reality was made up of lost people so what about everyone else there, computer programs AI, some sort of dummy plugs. Other souls that don’t know they are in some sort of limbo, heaven 1.0 and the Lost characters get to move onto heaven 2.0.

Seriously, the writers took the everyone died and the “island is limbo” scenario from way back in the begging of theories, and used this to mess with everyone. Actually the island Limbo would have made more sense.

If the flash sideways weren’t in it would we still get the same feeling ending just cut down with less junk in episodes and maybe more time to explore and answers questions, yes. The Flashes always were a great part of the show and they did some memorable things with them, but these flashes actually worsened the show for me.

What about all the rest of the Lost group that weren’t stars did they get to go to heaven or was it only the popular people on the island. Why did Micheal’s soul get stuck on the island and not got to Flash sideways world, he wasn’t evil enough to be there and didn’t even die on the island or in any vaccinate of it. Jack’s son doesn’t exist, so what the hell is he, was jack’s mom real there why wasn’t she with her husband. Locke was married to his dream wife so he leaves her, to what go with a bunch of people, for the most part tolerated, but never really liked and fought with all the time.

Ana Lucia didn’t come with them nor did Widmore’s wife, so are they stuck in this limbo world than. What about Jin and Sun they know they have a kid now, you think you would want to see her in heaven since you know Jin never even got to see her when he was alive.

Jack’s son, does he just disappear or does he think his parents left him to run off with other spouses. What makes this worse is they have an entire episode dedicated about Jack being a better father and getting to know the kid, which this ends negates all of the heart warming crap for nothing. I felt emotions for nothing.

What about Walt guess he wasn’t special enough to go to heaven.

Would Benjamin live a life as the father he wanted to be for his now dead daughter. She goes to college than realizes her entire life has been one big lie. Seriously why would I want to live in a heaven where I need to go to school to study crap seems annoying to say the least. Does his father realize his son was the one who killed him and get mad.

All I am saying is the Flash Limbo heaven was a waste of time and did nothing to evolve to story or give a proper ending. They never even explained how, they made up their version of heaven, did they collecting just decided to come to place their all familiar with. Wouldn’t Desmond want to see his son, shouldn’t his son be their too. If time has no meaning than they all should be there including Jin and Suns kid, and not some stupid baby in her womb but an adult. Seriously do you want to go to heaven by being a baby all your life.

To top it off Jack dies in the same place he was laying in when he crashed so it could be his entire imagination and dreamed up the entire scenario, although he doesn’t seem to be the imagination type. This is confounded with the last scene with the wreckage of the plane basically hinting at no one survived and you just wasted 6 years of you life watching this.

I take comforting though knowing I watched everything on DVD last year and only watched this season on a weekly basis so I wasn’t so heavily invested in it.

The show for the most part was very good. This final though was just terrible and too damn goofy even for a sci fi type of show. One thing writers should never do is go the spiritual route and try to explain God or religion you end up with no answers, look at Battle Star Galactica.

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