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Tattoos for Diabetics

Type 1 diabetics the world over must suffer through the agony of pricking their fingers daily in order to determine their blood sugar level.  MiT is currently in development of a technology that can hopefully replace this.  They are working on developing a type of nanotube that can be injected under the skin that reacts to the glucose level in the blood.  These carbon nanotubes become slightly fluorescent based on the presence of a proper level of glucose around them, and then this light can be detected by an infared sensor on a device such as a wristwatch over the tattoo.  While still years away from human testing and being comfortable without the finger-prick backup test, the technology is fascinating.  If you can get the tattoos in any shape then I hope someone is awesome enough to get one that reads “Gimme Some Sugar Baby.”

You can read the whole story and scientific details at MiT’s Site

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