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E3 First Day

The first day of E3 has come and gone, and honestly there’s just not much to be excited for I find.  Currently the only big announcement, if you can call it that, is the new slim-model XBox 360.  While this is nice it really isn’t offering anything worth upgrading for so it still falls flat on being big news.  Most of the content from Microsoft’s side is about Kinetic (formerly Project Natal).  Kinetic is MSoft’s new motion/voice controller for the 360 that will have a number of games you can play by standing in front of the TV and flailing about in an attempt to make the right motion for your Avatar on screen.  We still haven’t seen an actual game demonstration since the initial beta content shown quite a while ago, so I’m pretty iffy on the whole thing.

The main game news was the confirmation of an HD side-scrolling multiplayer Castlevania game, but this was rumored already so it’s not breaking news really. Still freaking fantastic to see in action though.

Metal Gear Solid Rising was also given a trailer and some gameplay footage, and while not the stealth game people were hoping for I still am ecstatic for this title.

Other than that there’s just a few more clips from games already in development that we’ve known about so no big breaking news still.  I for one am waiting for Nintendo’s press conference and desperately hoping it will be more about the new Legend of Zelda and less about the Nintendo 3DS.

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