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Doctor Who Final

If you have read any of my previous posts you will notice I am a huge Doctor Who fan, to the point that I will legally change my name to Who and force my kids to get their PHDs just so they will be name legally Doctor Who, on their name tags.

I just finished watching the season final and it was spectacular, their were some bumping episodes this season but nothing so bad that made you turn away. My only complaint of the series is it felt like they had to many make up science names and solutions to the problem, which made too many Deus Ex Machina moments. We know the doctor will win in the end but it’s fun to figure out how and it’s better when it didn’t feel like it fell out of nowhere.

I am also conflicted since now I don’t know if I like David Tennant more or Matt Smith. I could have gone two more seasons with David, but now I feel I’m glad he departed since Matt Smith just seems so awesome this season.

The way this season ended, actually as a whole the for this season, I would argue as one of the best seasons of Doctor Who since it’s rebirth. Every thing about it felt different, not just the Doctor or Tardis, but the way stories were told. They weren’t loosely tied together so much as previous seasons had them until the final but more intertwined as a whole. Characters would appear in cameos appearances other episodes, the arc story always seemed just lurking in the background even on episodes that were single shots. The other best part is they were setting up for the next season more giving a major plot point early on to show the direction they were going in.

My favorite moment of this entire season was when the Doctor tried to live as a human and play soccer. This was something I don’t think the David Tennant Doctor would have been able to do as well, and really shows the differences between Matt Smith and the Tenth.

I was worried about Amy Pond and the Doctor going in the direction of love birds as they have done with all the early companions in some capacity, but it was nipped in the butt very early on. The companions this season I feel were the best they’ve had in a while.

I think the best news I heard was that a new Theater Movie was going to be released in 2011 with 8th 9th 10th and 11th Doctor all appearing and with it more being about the 10th doctor so it will be one last hurray for the David Tennant. I can’t wait to see all the doctor come back for appearance and it will be interesting to see Paul McGann back as the 8th since he only did that one tv made movie on Fox in the 90s.

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  1. Tim
    June 29, 2010 at 9:50 am

    I have loved this new version of Who, with Matt Smith quickly overcoming any concerns I had about his casting.

    The highlights for me have been the van Gogh episode, which was sad and funny and handled the portrayal of this great but depressed man with great sensitivity, and the two-part finale itself, which was the most mind-bending ride through time the series has ever attempted.

    The best moment for me was the “something old, something new” revelation in the finale that allows Amy to bring the Doctor back. (A genuinely brilliant twist that, for once, I didn’t see coming.) Also, the realisation that “the girl who waited” was so perfectly matched to Rory, “the man who waited” for nearly 2,000 years for her to return.

    I’ve included DoctorWho in my review of my favourite 2009/10 genre shows in the post below.I’d love to know your thoughts.


  2. June 29, 2010 at 12:29 pm

    While I could gush about what I loved about this season of Doctor Who for paragraphs, I would like to address the issues I had with it and specifically the last episode.

    Firstly I really really didn’t like the way Amy was constantly throwing herself at the Doctor even up through the wedding. It just bothered me because that’s not Doctor Who to me.

    The main issue I had with the season finale is the time-travel trope it used. **spoiler alert** The idea that the Doctor escapes because he’s always escaped in a paradoxical which came first the chicken or the egg, neither they both came first just made me feel cheated. Here they engineered this ingenious trap for the Doctor and I was really excited to find out how on earth he could get out of it. For him to get out because his future self gets him out was just cheap writing. This could have been fixed though by having young Amy just happening to visit the museum and touch the Pandorica on her own. Thus eliminating the paradox of who originally let the Doctor out if not the Doctor. **end spoiler**

    As for the rest of the ideas and the bouncing around in time to make things happen, the ideas there were sound and interesting. Kudos to Jettwinlock for calling the fact that it was a different Doctor in the Time of Angels episode. I’m really excited for the next season, and I hope instead of Rory/Amy we get a season of him travelling with River Song.

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