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Ninokuni – Queen of the Holy White Ash

I know I pry have been a complete jerk to Sony in the past and recently but this time I need to give them high props for the new game Ninokuni. I don’t know much about the game except its art is done by Miyazaki who basically makes the best child fantasy animations for Disney. I like the fact that games are trying for the animation style graphics and really only the PS3 has the best power to give the cel shades the best looking experience. The game was built by Studio 5 who do those great Professor Layton games on DSI.

After watching it though it got me thinking, and since I have a negative view in life it was negative thoughts. This time toward Square Enix and Nintendo. First Square basically couldn’t make a fully 3d good looking world to move in any of their recent games. Their wasn’t a big overworld to explore since Final Fantasy 9. Everything was stripped down to check points and straight lines, or just maps that we connected by routes. They were basically heard quoted “We can’t make a huge world map because of the processing power and the time to design the details”. Yet here is a game that clearly looks like it has a world map. Thanks for Final Fantasy 13 crap that you pulled.

My biggest complaint is from Nintendo, though. This game is looking more like a Pokemon 3d which to me is a good thing. Pokemon was a unique RPG for it’s time and was well balanced and just fun and challenging trying to catch the those damn monsters. For years fans of the series have never really got 3d version of the game it was always just the same sequel with a few more Pokemons added, and some other tid bit features that mean nothing. I played Red and Blue when they came out and haven’t played one since the platinum and nothing seems to have changed all that much besides graphics. It’s worse than the Football games that come out every year, at least by a decades time those seem completely different from one another.

Nintendo has had years to make a fully realized Pokemon 3d and 3 systems to do it on, yet all they ever have shown was lame greatly toned, almost demos, sold has games. So &^%$ you Nintendo, you dropped the ball on that one and let your competitors pick it right up.

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